thirteenth Week of Being pregnant: From Lime to Lemon!

Nicely, your first trimester has come to an finish. You may bid goodbye to the morning illness now. The thirteenth week of being pregnant is an entry to the second stage of gestation.

What’s the thirteenth Week of Being pregnant All About?

At 13 weeks pregnant you’re within the second trimester, which is standard for its easiness. It’s also generally known as the honeymoon interval of being pregnant. So don’t draw back from travelling and taking a trip. Take pleasure in it whereas it lasts.


The thirteenth week of being pregnant is called the babymoon interval for a cause. All of the discomforts that you simply skilled through the first three months will ease up. Your child bump is right here however solely seen if you select to put on one thing body-hugging (which you shouldn’t, put on unfastened snug garments).

Together with your sense of scent, your sense of style may also heighten. The highlighted bluish veins in your physique shall be extra seen now because the blood provide is boosted. At 13 weeks pregnant, placental improvement takes place. So the blood circulate is more likely to improve as you develop into your being pregnant.

The tenderness of breasts will occur or it might not, relying upon your general well being. Other than this, you may additionally observe a thick yellow fluid leaking from the breasts. It is called colostrum.

Most girls within the thirteenth week of being pregnant additionally expertise a excessive libido or your intercourse drive. Ask your gynaecologist if having intercourse presently is appropriate or not.


Go to your kitchen or the grocery close to your own home, decide a lemon. That’s the measurement of your child development in thirteenth week of being pregnant. If lemons are laborious to seek out, a peach or a big plum may additionally work. Your child is about that measurement proper about now.

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Your fetus is growing at a big scale proper now. The placenta is rising and can stick with it with the expansion till the closing of being pregnant. Additionally, the newborn’s muscular and nervous techniques will mature within the thirteenth week of being pregnant.

The top of your child is extra in stability with the remainder of the physique. The bigger bones within the cranium have begun to harden. The eyes of your child are utterly shut. The hair on its physique can also be rising.

The child’s vocal cords have begun growing, which is able to assist it say valuable phrases to you. The salivary glands have additionally began functioning. Furthermore, your little plum has began making use of its lungs. It’s now inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid.

The child development within the thirteenth week of being pregnant contains crimson blood cells produced from the spleen. The intestines of your baby have moved into the stomach area. Its ovaries and testes have absolutely developed at 13 weeks pregnant.

You’ll now have the ability to hear the fetus’s heartbeat by way of a doppler system. On high of all this wonderful development, the newborn can now transfer its arms. It is going to be capable of put its thumb into the mouth. And your candy peach may even make a tiny fist.

thirteenth Week of Being pregnant Scan

Within the thirteenth week of being pregnant, your physician will test your child’s fundal top. Blood checks shall be completed together with different scans and checks to look at the fetus for Down syndrome, spina bifida and different well being points.

The thirteenth week of being pregnant scan additionally contains an ultrasound, generally known as nuchal translucency. It’s completed to test the presence of extra fluid underneath the pores and skin behind your child’s neck.

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thirteenth Week of Being pregnant Signs

Among the signs you expertise at 13 weeks pregnant shall be totally different. These embody:

  • Tender breasts
  • Modifications within the breast
  • Much less fatigue
  • Elevated vaginal discharge
  • Heartburn and constipation
  • Bloating and fuel
  • Meals cravings and aversions
  • Indigestion
  • Extra seen veins

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Strategies for thirteenth Week of Being pregnant

For a wholesome and secure being pregnant within the thirteenth week, comply with the given suggestions:

  • Proceed taking prenatal nutritional vitamins
  • Begin exercising and keep energetic
  • Preserve hygiene
  • Increase your calcium intake
  • Eat iron-rich meals
  • Don’t peel your fruit, eat it utterly

When to Name the physician

At 13 weeks pregnant, should you expertise something uncommon in your well being, you must search medical help instantly. Go to your physician should you see signs of ectopic being pregnant or miscarriage. These signs could embody:

  • Vaginal bleeding (even recognizing)
  • leaking vaginal fluid
  • Dizziness or faintness
  • Dip in blood strain
  • Rectal strain
  • Ache in shoulders
  • Ache or cramps within the pelvic area

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