14th Week of Being pregnant: The Dimension of a Kiwi!

By the 14th week of being pregnant, your bump is beginning to present extra. You’ll be able to rejoice as you could have graduated into the fourth month of your gestation interval.

What Adjustments Take Place within the 14th Week of Being pregnant?

You stepped into your babymoon interval final week and it’ll proceed at 14 weeks pregnant. You’re prone to really feel extra elated and relaxed whereas numerous modifications occur inside your physique.


You’ll really feel extra comfy at 14 weeks pregnant. Your power ranges will restore. Your visits to the lavatory to urinate will reduce drastically. Nevertheless, you’ll really feel abdomen ache due to the rising uterus. This ache is exactly referred to as spherical ligament ache.

Your immune system may even change into barely weaker. So it is strongly recommended that you simply stay germ-free and take the extra care that you simply want. It’s as a result of within the 14th week of being pregnant you’ll change into extra vulnerable to colds, flu and bugs. However together with your bump, your face will loosen up with a glow. Your hair may even change into thicker and shinier.


At 14 weeks pregnant child dimension is that of kiwi fruit. It should even be comparable in dimension to a navel orange. It’s a nice time for fetal growth and your child deserves numerous reward. The newborn’s facial muscle tissue will begin to work. Your child will smile and frown within the womb now.

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Its genitals have additionally profoundly developed. The newborn’s neck and arms are in proportion and shifting. Although its legs will take considerably extra time to elongate. Your little kiwi sized child can even wiggle its fingers by 14 weeks pregnant.

Moreover the expansion of hair on the pinnacle, face and eyebrows, it’s now rising a coat of hair all around the physique. This hair progress is especially meant for heat functions and is called lanugo. Don’t fear, you aren’t going to delivery a monkey. The lanugo disappears with time, because the child’s fats takes over.

You could be shocked to know that within the 14th week of being pregnant, your fetus is standing up straight and likewise shifting extra swiftly. It’s oesophagus, windpipe, larynx and vocal cords are all of their locations.

14 weeks pregnant child dimension has additionally began working its digestive methods. It’s now producing meconium, which is able to assist make up the child’s first bowel motion after it’s welcomed outdoors.

And final however not least, your little bundle of pleasure has began utilizing its mouth to swallow. For now, it’s only sipping the amniotic fluid. However don’t fear, this fluid passes by its kidneys and comes out as urine.

14 Weeks Pregnant Signs

A variety of 14 weeks pregnant signs are highlighted in your physique now. These consists of:

  • Decreased fatigue
  • Much less tenderness in breasts
  • Elevated breasts dimension
  • Rising urge for food
  • Adjustments in moles or new moles
  • Varicose veins (in legs)
  • Abdomen ache
  • Leaking nipples
  • Elevated Intercourse drive
  • Stuffy nostril
  • No nausea and vomiting
  • Weight achieve

Take care of the 14th Week of Being pregnant

One other excellent news for you is that your danger of miscarriage is decreased tremendously. However that doesn’t imply that you simply and your child don’t want the fitting care. Apply the ideas given under for a secure being pregnant:

  • Don’t skip your prenatal nutritional vitamins
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Begin doing light-to-moderate workout routines
  • Wash your palms extra usually or carry hand sanitizer
  • Monitor the modifications in your pores and skin
  • Eat one thing each two hours
  • Defend your child from secondhand smoke

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