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The Mangrove Swamp is a brand new variant of the Swamp biome launched with Minecraft’s Wild Update in June 2022. Right here, we’re going to check out all the brand new blocks, mobs and options of the biome.

The Mangrove Swamp is a singular biome, not like something we’ve seen in Minecraft prior to now. Whereas it’s a variant of the present Swamp, it actually doesn’t have all that a lot in frequent with it in any respect. We predict the easiest way to introduce your self to the Mangrove Swamp is to start out on the gorgeous idea artwork launched throughout Minecraft Live 2021. As you possibly can see from the image under, the Mangrove Swamp is supposed to be fantastically darkish, with its lengthy roots and tall branches offering cowl and ethereal magnificence as you float between them. For some cause, the Kiss The Lady scene from The Little Mermaid springs to thoughts…

In follow, the Mangrove Swamp doesn’t fairly come off like Eric and Ariel’s love story, however this would possibly simply be right down to the unhappy omission of Fireflies. It’s nonetheless a fairly distinctive and superior Minecraft biome, with darkish and (we think about) slimy Mud Blocks masking the bottom, and lengthy, uncovered Mangrove Roots winding above your head. Mangrove timber spawn extra densely than others to present that eerie, enclosed feeling, so that you received’t be quick on Mangrove wooden provide.

What do I have to learn about Mangrove wooden?

In case you have been beginning to get tired of the six authentic Minecraft Wooden varieties, and the Nether wooden variations from 2020’s Nether Replace, Mangrove wooden is right here to avoid wasting the day. A seventh overworld wooden variation, Mangrove Wooden is beetroot coloured with a darkish grey-brown bark. Simply related sufficient to current wooden varieties to have the ability to be used with them in builds, and simply completely different sufficient to face out as a brand new block.

As with different kinds of Minecraft wooden, Mangrove wooden can be utilized to craft all wood objects, from steps and slabs, to buttons and boats. And, talking of boats, you may as well craft a Mangrove variant of the brand new Boat with a Chest.

So there’s a Boat with a Chest now?

Mangrove Boat with a Chest Minecraft

Yep, in lieu of the will-we-ever-actually-get-them Bundles, storage has taken a unique flip with The Wild Replace. And we’re nonetheless on the Mangrove Fence about this one.

A Boat with a Chest may be crafted with, sure, a Chest and a Boat – a complete of 13 wood planks. Whereas an empty boat can carry two gamers or a participant and a mob, that second house is taken up with a traditional chest as an alternative, and you’ll take as much as 27 stacks of things with you in your travels, doubling your individual on-person stock. Nonetheless, whereas this would possibly sound helpful, you possibly can’t break the boat with out scattering your assortment into the ocean. So, actually, whether or not this new merchandise can be of use to you is determined by your adventuring fashion or necessities. Shuttling between construct areas with supplies? Nice! Heading out into the world with no actual concept the place you’re going, in hunt of inspiration? Effectively, it may not be the easiest way to go, lest you find yourself leaving your boat and 1728 objects inside it someplace you possibly can by no means discover once more.

And Frogs in Minecraft?

A brand new mob comes hopping in with the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Replace and its Mangrove Swamp, as effectively – the Frog. We received’t go into an excessive amount of element about Frogs, Tadpoles and Frogspawn right here, as we let you know every thing that you must learn about them in their very own, devoted information. Nonetheless, it’s value noting that Frogs solely spawn naturally in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps, so that you’ll have to enterprise out to those particular biomes with a view to discover and farm your individual Froggy household.

Extra Mangrove Swamp blocks

Whereas we’ve left it ‘til final, probably the very best a part of Mangrove Swamps is the huge vary of recent blocks that comes with it. We briefly talked about the Mud Block at the beginning of this information, additionally simply the beginning of the brand new supplies you’ll have with which to construct in Minecraft 1.19.

Mangrove Mud and extra

As we talked about, the Mangrove Swamp is a darkish and, effectively, swampy place. To get by means of these tall, dense biomes, you’ll be trudging by means of blocks and blocks of mud. This new Mud block isn’t simply there to make these Mangrove biomes look extra mysterious, although, it has many extra makes use of than that.

Firstly in fact, Mud Blocks can be utilized as a constructing block. As for his or her texture, Mud Blocks are just like Tuff, solely in a dried-mud, darkish gray and brown colour mixture, so could possibly be used to offer depth in any neutral-colored construct. In order for you extra of the stuff, or are struggling to find a Mangrove Swamp, it’s simply renewable, simply use a water bottle on a Dust, Course Dust, or Rooted Dust block. You possibly can then additionally use Mud Blocks to craft Packed Mud, which is a lighter brown block, extra related in colour to moist mud.

Packed Mud recipe Minecraft

The constructing potential doesn’t cease there, as you possibly can then craft Mud Bricks. Why we haven’t had a block like this earlier than is astounding, contemplating the divisive and memetic worth of the traditional grime home in Minecraft. Now, you possibly can really construct your self a considerably fascinating mud starter hut, with precise Mud Bricks, Mud Brick Stairs, Slabs and even Partitions.

Minecraft Mangrove and Mud Brick house 1.19
Not our greatest work, however a fast and simple Mangrove and Mud Brick home

The Mangrove’s Muddy Roots

The Mangrove Tree grows in a really completely different approach to anything we’ve seen in Minecraft earlier than. As a substitute of merely rising up straight from the bottom, Mangrove Wooden can be discovered off the bottom, when you’ve adopted the lengthy and winding roots of the Mangrove to greater ranges. Mangrove Roots are a clear full block, and solely actually have using an ornamental block, in addition to offering a bassy sound when positioned underneath a Be aware Block. They will also be used as a gasoline supply in determined occasions, however since they solely smelt 1.5 objects per block, aren’t significantly low cost. Lastly, they can be utilized within the Crafting Recipe for Muddy Mangrove Roots…

Muddy Mangrove Roots are a naturally-occurring block that generates when Mangrove Roots meet Mud. As talked about, you may as well craft your self extra Muddy Roots with Mangrove Roots and Mud, unsurprisingly. Whereas there is no such thing as a actual use for Muddy Mangrove Roots, they’re yet one more new addition to the plenty of constructing blocks in Minecraft, and can little doubt discover their place alongside Mangrove Roots in pure and overgrown aesthetic builds.

Seize a propagule

The ultimate merchandise to cowl within the Mangrove Swamp is the Mangrove Propagule. That is, successfully, the Mangrove Sapling, however – as with every thing else within the Mangrove Swamp – works barely otherwise than we’re used to.

You’ll see Mangrove Propagules as you roam the Mangrove Swamp, hanging down from Mangrove Leaves. These little inexperienced, bamboo-like sticks can merely be damaged off the tree, so with Mangroves, there may be really no want to interrupt down a tree to develop a brand new one. Watch out, although, as they’ve completely different development phases – break it too early, and also you received’t get a propagule.

Propagule growth stages Minecraft Mangrove Swamp
4 of a Propagule’s development phases

After getting a propagule, merely plant it wherever you usually plant a sapling, or on Mud, and also you develop a Mangrove tree, full with its personal Propagules. And, thus, the circle of life continues.

That’s every thing that you must learn about Minecraft’s Mangrove Swamps. For extra on the brand new arrivals to the Minecraft Wild Replace, 1.19, try our different guides, like everything you need to know about Ancient Cities, and our guide to the terrifying Warden.

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