Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes

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Battlefield 2042 is at present midway into season 1 and has had a latest replace to deal with issues. What are the Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes?

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Now we have all the pieces it’s worthwhile to know concerning the replace.

Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes Detailed

Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes

The next comes straight from the Battlefield 2042 web page on EA’s web site:

Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes- Common

  • Fastened a difficulty with Intention Help that prevented Auto Monitoring from working as meant for shifting targets
  • A scroll menu has been added whereas viewing weapon attachments
  • Previewing skins whereas in a sport will not present character toes clipping into the bottom
  • Textual content within the Assortment display screen figuring out Ranger’s class is now simpler to learn
  • The Cover UI button within the Battle Cross display screen not hides Participant Card backgrounds or Tags

Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes- Battlefield Portal

  • Rush – corresponding era-specific MCOM’s have been added for all maps. The Dangerous Firm 2 model additionally obtained visible enhancements from its unique feel and look
  • Fastened a difficulty the place AI Troopers driving tanks wouldn’t transfer within the El Alamein: Axis Airfield map format

Battlefield 2042 Replace 1.2 Patch Notes- Modifiers

  • Dozer will not regenerate explosive harm even when Soldier Well being Regeneration is On
  • The decision-in Automobile Cooldown modifier now impacts the window of time when a automobile is destroyed and when it’s accessible to be used once more
  • The decision-in pill now accurately shows when automobiles are unavailable as a consequence of limits being reached
  • AI Troopers are actually in a position to fly planes
  • Automobile Superiority will now respect the ticket multiplier modifier
  • Automobile Superiority ticket progress bar will now replace based mostly on max tickets remaining
  • A brand new separate Modifier has been added for enabling AI passenger seats

Guidelines Editor

  • Quad Bike automobiles positioned within the map now reply to ModBuilder Blocks
  • Resolved a Guidelines Editor teleporting problem on Publicity
  • The “Equals” Guidelines Editor block now helps Seize Level sort
  • Disabled Seize Factors will not influence the sport, corresponding to nonetheless having ticket bleed
  • Teleport now works in automobile superiority sport modes
  • A number of new Guidelines Editor blocks have been added
    • GetPreviousOwnerTeamId
    • GetOwnerProgressTeamId
    • GetCurrentOwnerTeamId
    • GetCaptureProgress
    • OnCaptured:CapturePoint
    • OnCapturing:CapturePoint
    • OnLost:CapturePoint


  • Selecting up Ammo Pouches ought to now at all times register when accumulating them in fast succession
  • An incorrect standing is not displayed whereas utilizing insta-lock projectiles corresponding to Sundance’s Anti-Armor grenade
  • Fastened a difficulty the place the participant might use each IBA Armor Plates consecutively after putting Boris’s SG-36 Sentry Gun or Irish’s DCS Deployable Cowl

Anti-Tank Mine 

  • The deal with of the Anti-Tank Mine not floats whereas held when altering to it from the NTW-50


  • C5 not will get connected to the MV38-Condor when thrown from the passenger seat

Insertion Beacon

  • The Insertion Beacon well being bar and icon ought to no longer be offset when it’s positioned on uneven terrain

Restore Device

  • The Restore Device now begins cooling down instantly when stopping a restore
  • There isn’t a longer an incorrect delay earlier than the overheat progress begins

Smoke Grenade Launcher

  • The Smoke Grenade Launcher now reveals the proper class tag within the Battle Cross

Hazard Zone

  • There may be now an opportunity for a strong AI Tank to look which guards a major variety of Knowledge Drives. It’s marked on the map, so it’s as much as you if you wish to attempt to get the candy loot… 
  • In-world icons have been adjusted to make it simpler to learn what number of Knowledge Drives are at every location
  • You are actually in a position to choose up Devices dropped by Gamers and AI Troopers
  • A problem has been resolved that prevented Ranger and automobile call-in objects from getting used after choosing up the required Uplink


  • Auto deploying a parachute ought to not deploy too late or trigger fall harm
  • The digicam will not clip in transition from 1P to 3P view whereas performing a takedown 
  • Troopers typically didn’t drop their weapons when dying in a automobile. This has been resolved 
  • Made adjustments to areas the place explosion harm would nonetheless attain out of vary troopers
  • Fastened a difficulty the place melee assaults might trigger bodily points on transition areas corresponding to slopes
  • Fastened as bug the place reviving and attempting to melee didn’t cancel the revive
  • Troopers not clip into one another throughout takedown animations
  • Fastened a difficulty the place downed animations weren’t performed accurately if the participant died earlier than others gamers spawned in 
  • Fastened a difficulty reviving an ally contained in the elevator on Renewal wasn’t attainable
  • Added top quality animations for occluded soldier kill cams
  • Spawning on a participant that’s susceptible will make sure you are actually additionally in susceptible stance
  • Susceptible habits on steep slopes has been improved which ought to forestall situations of inaccurate dispersion whereas firing
  • You are actually in a position to go susceptible whereas strolling backwards
  • Participant fashions would typically stick by way of partitions whereas susceptible, which allowed them to be broken. This could not occur
  • Stairs or slopes ought to not typically present vaulting animations
  • It is best to not typically see a stuttering animation when beginning a slide
  • Visuals for troopers and automobiles popping into participant view after being hidden has been made smoother
  • Fastened a difficulty the place the ahead button needed to be held for a brief period to enter ladders
  • Leaping ought to not get interrupted straight after vaulting
  • A problem has been resolved that prevented sliding instantly after climbing a ladder
  • Leaping throughout a slide ought to now at all times set off accurately



We felt that Paik’s EMG-X Scanner was not constantly price utilizing as an offensive device because it induced her to turn into noticed, and thus susceptible. We subsequently eliminated this self-spotting impact, and barely elevated the spot period of scanned enemies to make the Scanner extra dependable to be used.

  • Elevated the spot period whereas utilizing the EMG-X Scanner from 0.5 -> 0.85s
  • Paik is not noticed when utilizing the EMG-X Scanner


  • Rao’s Hack impact ought to not final when within the passenger seat of a automobile
  • Rao’s hacking animation ought to not typically get caught
  • Rao’s hacking now correctly goes by way of some penetrable or see by way of objects, whereas earlier than it didn’t at all times try this


  • Resolved discrepancies with Sundance Grenade Icons 
  • Sundance’s Wingsuit audio ought to not proceed enjoying when getting into a automobile
  • It is best to now be capable of carry out takedown whereas inside bushes


  • Angel’s Loadout Crate ought to not block ladders


  • The OV-P Recon Drone is now at all times destroyed when hit by air automobiles


  • Bashing with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Defend ought to now at all times comply with the enemy soldier 
  • The digicam ought to not clip by way of buildings when attacking with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Defend


  • Ammo Crates and Medical Crates can not undergo Irish’s DCS Deployable Cowl


  • Fastened a difficulty the place hitting the again of a T90 MBT with Lis’ G-84 TGM would deal 1% harm
  • Fastened points with plane HUD disappearing when taking pictures and reloading the G-84 TGM from a passenger seat
  • G-84 TGM digicam missile visuals now correctly work together with the sandstorm on Hourglass
  • Lis’s animations ought to not typically clip throughout Finish of Spherical
  • Decreased the brightness for Lis’s Armor Hunter trait


  • Added assist for Intention Primarily based Icons Opacity. This new characteristic permits the opacity of icons to be adjusted based mostly on how shut or how far they’re from the middle of the display screen. Icons on the middle of the display screen might be extra clear, whereas icons on the fringe of the display screen might be extra opaque.
    • This characteristic goals to forestall icons from blocking the visibility of enemy targets that you’re aiming at. It’s lively always with larger impact when zoomed (very low opacity when the icon is within the middle). Enemy participant icons’ opacity usually are not affected by this characteristic. 
  • Added choices to customise the world of the display screen the place the opacity is affected in addition to the transparency within the periphery of the world or on the middle of the display screen when zoomed and never zoomed. The choice might be discovered beneath DIsplay > HUD Icons.”
  • Added a brand new HUD choice known as “Horizontal HUD Padding” which permits adjusting how far off the left and proper aspect the HUD is positioned. When set to 0, parts such because the minimap and the stock might be positioned on the edges of the display screen. When set to 100, these parts might be near the middle. This feature might be discovered beneath Show > HUD Common
  • Improved readability of close by grenade threats by way of an up to date grenade warning indicator icon. Animation, measurement and opacity scaling over distances changes have been made to make sure it’s simpler to see the warning when the grenade isn’t within the participant’s view
  • In-world well being bars, icons and names ought to now at all times be seen on unoccupied and pleasant automobiles
  • Fastened points with distance not being seen on location, hazard and goal pings when these icons are sticking to fringe of display screen


  • Adjusted helicopter rotor transparency in 1P view to cut back potential photosensitivity dangers.
  • Ammo counters and the precise replenish time are actually absolutely synced correctly on automobile weapon pods.
  • Fastened a difficulty that was inflicting the MV38-Condor to not take off whereas in flight mode
  • Fastened a difficulty the place the reload timer on missiles would keep on display screen after switching weapons.
  • The spark ingredient for miniguns has been tailored to gentle stage so it doesn’t block participant view whereas in low-light environments
  • A Minigun/20mm shell eject impact has been added for the MD540 Nightbird
  • Added 25mm shell eject results for plane Anti-Plane weapon
  • Collision harm has been up to date for gentle vs heavy air automobiles. This doesn’t imply the automobiles are instantly destroyed whereas colliding, however they are going to take extra harm than earlier than

50mm Air Cannon Pod (Condor / Hind)

We felt the offensive capabilities from the MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Tremendous Hind in opposition to infantry had been nonetheless too robust. We’re adjusting their 50mm Cannon to assist additional restrict their influence on infantry, and to place extra concentrate on these helicopters being meant as a method of transport.

  • Ammo depend decreased from 12 to eight
  • Blast radius decreased from 5 -> 3.5m
  • Replenish time elevated from 3.5 -> 6s

EBAA Wildcat

We’re adjusting the EBAA WILDCAT’s anti-air capabilities to make sure these weapons are simpler of their meant use of coping with air automobiles.

  • Anti-Plane Missiles – Harm elevated from 130 -> 210. This implies it’s now a 2-hit kill in opposition to the Nightbird and Jets, and can depart Assault Helicopters at essential HP.
  • Anti-Plane Missiles lock on vary elevated from 400 -> 600m
  • Twin 30mm AA Cannons minimal harm has been eliminated. It now at all times does the identical harm in any respect ranges
  • Twin 30mm AA Cannons now do barely extra harm in opposition to Jets and all Helicopters

RAH-68 Huron / YG-99 Hannibal

We felt the Stealth Helicopter 30mm Cannon Pods had been too highly effective in opposition to infantry as a result of they could possibly be fired for prolonged durations of time and leaving little alternative for infantry to retaliate. Now we have subsequently elevated the overheat pace for these Cannons to restrict their influence on infantry.

  • Elevated overheat of the 30mm Cannon Pods on the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal
  • The mistaken keybind is not being displayed for the Tools Slot within the Gunner seat for RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal
  • Adjusted entry icon place on the YG-99 Hannibal/ RAH-68 Huron


  • Fastened a difficulty the place Shotguns had been dealing harm as much as 300m. They not deal harm above 200m. 
    • For these fired upon from distances with a shotgun, it means much less situations of falsely providing you with suggestions that you simply is likely to be in peril. For shotgun wielders, it ought to not mistakenly provide the indication that you would successfully remove your goal from such distances
  • The Incendiary Grenade launcher not one pictures enemies
  • Decreased the peripheral blur round weapon scopes when zoomed in to assist with basic visibility
  • M5A3 barrel is not seen by way of some scopes
  • BKS Scope not clips with digicam in NTW-50
  • Ghostmaker R10 barrel is not seen by way of sure scopes
  • Quite a few scopes have been up to date to make sure a bigger playable space is seen when Aiming Down Sights
  • Tweaked shell eject results in order that the shell casings aren’t seen when ADSing with the PSO-1 scope
  • Fastened a difficulty that was breaking scope visuals on the BKS 8X and SDB 10X when sure underbarrels had been geared up
  • The Goal 8T 1.25-4.5X scope is not lacking its “Toggle Optic” label
  • Buckshot Shell’s default journal now has the proper journal measurement icon
  • The MP28 default red-dot sight is now utilizing the proper icon
  • Fastened a difficulty that was inflicting incorrect visuals to be displayed by way of scopes with some skins


  • Full Auto mode on the BSV-M not offers Recoil Compensation and as an alternative provides a 15% Dispersion Penalty
  • Adjusted the BSV-M Excessive Energy Journal harm dropoff to start at 50m as an alternative of 100m
  • Fastened a difficulty the place the BSV-M wouldn’t get decreased recoil whereas utilizing the bipod
  • Fastened a difficulty the place the BSV-M journal measurement within the HUD didn’t match the one geared up on the weapon


  • Decreased K30 ammo sort harm for Subsonic, Normal Subject and Excessive-Energy rounds
    • Subsonic, 0-10m – 22 dmg > 18 dmg
    • Subsonic, 30-40m – 18 dmg > 15 dmg
    • Normal Subject, 0-10m – 22 dmg > 18 dmg
    • Excessive-Energy, 0-10m – 22 dmg > 18 dmg


  • Decreased the M5A3 Shut Fight rounds harm
    • 0-20m – 22 -> 18 harm


  • Decreased the MP9 Shut Fight rounds harm
    • 0-5m – 28 -> 22 harm
    • 30-40m – 22 -> 18 harm


  • Decreased the scale of the Masterkey’s attachment crosshairs
  • Gamers would take harm from the preliminary influence of the 40mm Incendiary launcher, however not the fireplace itself. Gamers will now burn as anticipated
  • Firing an underbarrel now additionally spots you on the minimap
  • Fastened a damaged animation that may typically play when triggering an underbarrel attachment whereas being within the Plus Menu
  • An underbarrel icon will now be displayed whereas ADSing in Launcher/Masterkey mode
  • Added lacking Default underbarrel to the Hazard Zone M5A3
  • Fireplace Mode UI icon is now current whereas utilizing underbarrel attachments
  • Fireplace Mode Key bind is not current whereas utilizing underbarrel attachments

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