Finest Apex Legends Group Comps Season 13

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Season 13 launched a large ranked rework and it has utterly modified the Apex Legends workforce comps dynamic.

You may not focus simply on kills. Placement issues simply as a lot if you wish to earn a excessive quantity of ranked factors each match.

With Storm Level and World’s Edge being within the ranked map pool this season, listed below are the most effective Apex Legends workforce comps in Season 13.

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Gibraltar, Valkyrie, and Caustic

This is without doubt one of the greatest Apex Legends workforce comps to play in Season 13 if are in a coordinated squad. One of many largest issues that each Gibraltar and Caustic face is that they’re simple to take down if caught within the open owing to their massive hit bins. Having a Valkyrie within the workforce permits you to rotate simply and make use of Gibraltar and Caustic’s tactical skills to carry down areas. 

Each Caustic and Gibraltar have offensive ultimates that may utterly shut down some areas and even safe essential kills in huge workforce fights. Valkyrie’s recon passive permits her to scan zones and rotate early into zones the place Caustic can arrange inside buildings and stop different Apex Legends workforce comps from pushing the workforce.


  • Extraordinarily defensive combo
  • Can revive teammates safely 
  • Secure rotations with Valkyrie 


  • Weak to aggressive Crypto and Mad Maggie groups 
  • Gibraltar will not be preferrred for solo queue

Apex Legends Group Comps – Wattson, Newcastle, and Valkyrie 

Apex Legends Team Comps Season 13

It is a variation on one of many Apex Legends workforce comps we talked about earlier nevertheless it trades an invulnerable bubble from Gibraltar for Wattson’s Protect Generator. Wattson can utterly shut down sure ultimates and stop gamers from getting grenade spammed to dying.

Whereas Newcastle has some benefits over Gibraltar, his final has a number of weaknesses as nicely. One of many largest issues with Newcastle’s Citadel Wall is that enemies can throw grenades behind cowl and you don’t have any technique of defending your self.

Gibraltar alternatively has no such points as he can drop his bubble to guard his teammates. However when you pair Newcastle with Wattson, you not solely shield your workforce’s Protect Generator, however you additionally keep a lot safer behind Newcastle’s final and offensive ultimates can’t have an effect on you. Valkyrie’s goal is to scan survey beacons and assist Apex Legends workforce comps rotate into zones safely.


  • Can negate a number of final skills
  • The workforce works nice even in open zones
  • Can heal shields with Protect Generator


  • Very weak workforce if Protect Generator will get destroyed
  • Newcastle has a excessive talent ceiling 

Apex Legends Group Comps – Seer, Horizon, and Valkyrie

Seer is slowly overtaking the spot as soon as dominated by Bloodhound. In contrast to Bloodhound, who has a really lengthy cooldown to scan enemies, Seer can spot close by enemies by aiming down sights. He doesn’t want to make use of skills to achieve essential intel on enemy positioning, which makes him very helpful in any scenario.

Horizon replaces Gibraltar on this variation of Apex Legends workforce comps. You commerce your defensive capabilities for an all-out offensive combo. Horizon’s final skills can suck enemies into her vortex and you may rain ordinances on them to safe simple kills. The dearth of Gibraltar or Newcastle may be irritating however if you wish to play one of many extra offensive line-up, this is without doubt one of the greatest Apex Legends workforce comps to run in Season 13.


  • Extraordinarily excessive offensive capabilities
  • Can win workforce fights off of Horizon’s final
  • Can monitor down enemies with out potential utilization


  • Zero defensive capabilities 
  • Weak to Defensive Bombardment and Rolling Thunder

Seer’s sudden rise in recognition has utterly shaken the meta and professional groups are additionally experimenting with characters like Mad Maggie and Ash of their lineups.

In case you are somebody who prefers Bloodhound to Seer and wish to grasp the legend, take a look at our Bloodhound guide. For extra on the most recent Apex Legends: Tales from the Outlands lore drop, head to EA’s official site.

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