Finest Blightcaller Abilities in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Each class in Wonderlands has a variety of completely different abilities, however that are the most effective for the brand new Blightcaller?

There are some highly effective Tier 1 skills in addition to Blightcaller’s Tier 6 keystone potential, Spirit Swarm.

Notice that these abilities are listed in no specific order. Primary is just not essentially the most effective one. The order is totally random. Get pleasure from!

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Best Blightcaller Skills Wonderlands
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Finest Blightcaller Abilities in Wonderlands

Blightcaller Motion Ability – Lavatory Totem

Summon a Lavatory Totem Companion on the goal location, which periodically creates Elemental Spirits that hunt down close by enemies dealing Capability Injury and exploding on impression. 

Elemental Injury sort is predicated on the Fatemaker’s at the moment geared up Gun when activated. At any time when the Fatemaker kills an enemy whereas Lavatory Totem is energetic, its Length is partially restored.

Lavatory Totem has a number of fees, and Pinging an enemy causes your Lavatory Totem to focus on them.

Companion builds have been fairly well-liked in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Now with the addition of the Blightcaller class from DLC 4, we have now one other one so as to add to the record.

Lavatory Totem is a special companion. It doesn’t transfer. It’s extra like Aaxton’s turret from Borderlands 2.

Lavatory Totem falls within the class of elemental injury skills and is nice for the end-game. You may stack and up the injury of this companion along with your different abilities and secondary class.

It really works finest paired with Clawbringer and Spore Warden.

Passive Blightcaller Ability #5 – Restore the Veil

Life Leech from Darkish Magic now restores Ward as a substitute. Most Ward is elevated. Most Well being is decreased.

Blightcaller depends closely on elemental injury. Restore the Veil has superior synergy with different skills like Flawless Edge, one other nice talent within the Blightcaller’s package.

Passive Ability #4 – Lavatory Down

Dealing Non-Standing Impact Poison Injury has an opportunity to create a Water Nova, Soaking all close by enemies.

Soaked enemies take extra injury from Lightning and Frost, however much less injury from Fireplace. This potential has a brief cooldown.

Soaking is a brand new impact that wasn’t current when Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands launched. It was solely added on some weapons and spells within the DLCs.

It’s a nice debuff utilized on enemies that may add as much as hundreds of thousands of injury handled elemental injury sources.

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Best Blightcaller Skills Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Picture by way of Gearbox Software

Passive Ability #3 – Flawless Edge

Achieve elevated Injury Dealt based mostly on how full your Ward is. The fuller your Ward, the larger the bonus.

An enormous injury buff, that will increase ALL injury sources, not solely gun injury, spell injury, and many others. Flawless Edge depends on synergies with different Blightcaller abilities like Wraithmail, which restores protect on kill.

Passive Ability #2 – Geist within the Shell

Gun Important Hits have an opportunity to create a homing Poison Lavatory Spirit that seeks out close by enemies dealing Poison Capability Injury and exploding on impression.

When paired with Stabbomancer, it has an enormous potential. Whereas utilizing From the Shadows, you may make each shot a crucial hit.

Passive Ability #1 – Spirit Swarm

Making use of a Standing Impact creates a Spirit Swarm Companion that seeks out and damages close by enemies, dealing Standing Impact Injury of the utilized Standing Impact’s Injury sort. 

Whereas Spirit Swarm is energetic, its length is partially restored after making use of a Standing Impact.

Making use of a stronger Standing Impact absolutely refreshes its length, and updates the Spirit Swarm’s Injury Dealt and Injury sort based mostly on the utilized Standing Impact. Pinging an enemy redirects the Spirit Swarm.

That is the keystone talent for the Blightcaller. Within the late sport matching components to enemies’ well being bar is a should. This lets you overwhelm your foes with waves of elemental injury and soften their HP.

These are a few of the finest Blightcaller abilities in Wonderlands. Now you already know what to select in terms of speccing your skills.


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