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Elves are a magical individuals of otherworldly grace, dwelling in locations of ethereal magnificence, within the midst of historic forests or in silvery spires glittering with faerie mild, the place comfortable music drifts by way of the air and delicate fragrances waft on the breeze. Elves love nature and magic, artwork and artistry, music and poetry.

One of the crucial well-known and well-known fantasy video games of all time wouldn’t be the identical with out one of the crucial well-known and well-known fantasy races of all time. The nomadic and druidic pure view of elves stays a continuing in most of their iterations, however in Baldur’s Gate 3, gamers can do as they want with their elven character. Whether or not they want to lean into the stereotype or make one thing new of them, that features customising their appears, background and basic character. Baldur’s Gate 3 options an immersive journey expertise that D&D gamers will thrive in, then once more so will any massive followers of fantasy and role-play. In the beginning of the sport, very similar to once you would roll up your character at a desk for Dungeons and Dragons, gamers create their character. A part of this alternative, and maybe one of the crucial necessary decisions once you begin this sport is the category you play, as that’ll dictate the way you play the sport.

Elves had various skills that set them other than different humanoid races. Like their dwelling ancestors, the eladrin, elves are agile, dexterous creatures. Nevertheless, elves may transfer barely quicker than their eladrin kin and will transfer swiftly by way of even the roughest terrain. Elves had been additionally extra preternaturally conscious of their environment than eladrin, in addition to possessing higher widespread sense. This aided elves in some ways, permitting them a excessive diploma of perceptiveness that they may lend partially to allies. Moreover, elves are extraordinarily correct of their assaults, having a level of precision that might be uncommon for different humanoids.

Though plenty of gamers will decide a race and sophistication in keeping with their private alternative, others would possibly surprise which race most closely fits which class relying on the racial options one can get. Some races are naturally going to be extra magic-based while others are going to be extra melee-driven. Elves are slightly mixture of each, with the potential to be both relying on the sub-race you decide.

Elves Traits

Capability Rating Improve

An Elf’s Dexterity rating will increase by 2.


Though elves attain bodily maturity at about the identical age as people, the elven understanding of maturity goes past bodily progress to embody worldly expertise. An elf usually claims maturity and an grownup title across the age of 100 and may dwell to be 750 years previous.


 Elves vary from underneath 5 to over 6 ft tall and have slender builds. An Elf’s measurement is Medium.


An Elf’s base strolling pace is 9m.


Accustomed to twilit forests and the evening sky, an Elf has superior imaginative and prescient in darkish and dim circumstances. You’ll be able to see in dim mild inside 60 ft of you as if it had been vivid mild, and in darkness as if it had been dim mild. You’ll be able to’t discern coloration in darkness, solely shades of grey.

Fey Ancestry

You have got benefit on saving throws towards being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.


Elves don’t sleep. As a substitute they meditate deeply, remaining semi-conscious, for 4 hours a day. The Widespread phrase for this meditation is “trance.” Whereas meditating, you dream after a trend; such goals are literally psychological workout routines which have develop into reflexive after years of observe. After resting on this manner, you achieve the identical profit a human would from 8 hours of sleep.

Eager Senses

You have got proficiency within the Notion ability.


You’ll be able to communicate, learn, and write Widespread and Elven

Elf Subraces

Elves have two principal subraces in Baldur’s Gate 3, every having a special extra skill rating enhance which’ll enable you to determine what construct you need to focus round. However additionally they achieve a number of different advantages, specifically Excessive Elves have a free further Cantrip whilsty the Wooden Elves have extra bodily buffs that have an effect on their pace and proficienies.

Excessive Elf

Capability Rating Improve

+1 Intelligence Rating


Excessive Elves know one cantrip of their alternative from the Wizard spell checklist. Intelligence is their spellcasting skill for it

Base Racial Velocity

Excessive Elves can transfer 9m per flip.

Wooden Elf

Capability Rating Improve

+1 Knowledge Rating

 Wooden Elves motion pace is 10.5m.

Masks of the Wild

Achieve Stealth Proficiency. Wooden Elves had been raised to mix into pure environment. 

Elves in Baldur’s Gate 3

Elves Originally Had No Souls in Dungeons & Dragons

For probably the most half, Elves are fairly widespread on The Forgotten Realms, maybe second commonest race after people.

Elves, very similar to their dwelling ancestors, the eladrin, who had been additionally generally known as elves, had been a long-lived race of the Tel-quessir discovered mostly in forests, shrublands, and different wildernesses. On occasion the elves organized robust nations, although with far much less frequency than eladrin, in some circumstances adopting even a nomadic life-style. Nearly all elves worshiped the gods of the Seldarine, and the elves had been typically, although not all the time, good in nature.

However that also doesn’t dismiss elves from a number of disagreeable different individuals who is perhaps racially biased. At the moment in Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Entry, there’s not a lot when it comes to elf-specific content material like there are for Tieflings. That being stated, one in every of your beginning companions is a Excessive Elf, Astarion.

Finest Class for Elves in BG3

Elves are a Dexterity targeted class, which opens plenty of paths contemplating simply how versatile Dexterity is. Particularly, Rogues are a extremely Dex-based class, however due to the extra Knowledge or Intelligence increase, the various kinds of elves lean in the direction of a selected class.

Wooden Elves, for instance, with their Dex and Knowledge increase would swimsuit a Ranger. While the Excessive Elves, with their Intelligence and Dexterity would swimsuit a Rogue, particularly an Arcane Trickster.

Remaining Ideas

Due to the Elven buff to Dexterity, this implies there’s plenty of choices when it comes to enjoying. A participant may simply play the extra finesse primarily based melee lessons like Ranger or Rogue however they may – in the event that they so want – dabble in a completely magic class, both being a Cleric of a Wizard.

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