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Though Githyanki won’t be the preferred among the many playable races within the Forgotten Realms and Dungeons & Dragons, they’ve a extremely vital position in Baldur’s Gate 3. With certainly one of your companion characters being a Githyanki, Lae’Zel, and the overall presence they’ve in the principle narrative, enjoying as a Githyanki will open up a number of distinctive choices for the participant character. Githyanki are an alien race of beings to the Forgotten Realms, they inhabit the Astral Sea and are intrinsicely linked to the Illithids.

“What would turn out to be of this multiverse if githyanki didn’t guard the Astral Airplane from the illithid menace? What would actuality turn out to be if beings of thought dominated the aircraft of thought?”


Githyanki – or Gith – are tall and slender humanoids with tough, leathery yellow pores and skin and brilliant black eyes which are sunken deep of their orbits. They’ve lengthy and angular skulls, with small and extremely positioned flat noses, and ears which are pointed and serrated within the again aspect. They sometimes develop both purple or black hair, which they styled in topknots. And as s a results of their lengthy interval of enslavement and manipulation by the thoughts flayers, all githyanki possess some type of psionic talents. They’re all able to minor telekinesis in a similar way to the mage hand spell and will additionally hone their talents to turn out to be able to innately casting leap and misty step.

Githyanki are sometimes merciless, boastful, and aggressive. The few distinctive people who abandoned from the inflexible githyanki militaristic society tended to develop a disdain for guidelines. The excessive worth they positioned on individuality additionally brought about them to turn out to be bold and self-centered.

Even probably the most open-minded githyanki got here throughout as smug, sarcastic, impolite, and overconfident, however they had been typically able to withstanding adversity with out complaining. Intelligent and resourceful, githyanki adventurers weren’t recognized for his or her loyalty or means to make new mates, however they had been extraordinarily persistent within the face of hazard. 

Githyanki society was extraordinarily nicely organized and orderly. It had a martial and meritocratic construction, with no regard for blood ties, and with each women and men coaching closely in magic and fight. Though they had been loyal to one another, they had been additionally fiercely individualistic. Githyanki navy hierarchy was divided in firms of ten warriors, every led by a sarth. Every group of ten sarths was in flip supervised by a kith’rak, and each group of ten kith’raks was led by a “supreme commander”. On the high of the hierarchy stood the chief of all githyanki, Vlaakith. Vlaakith CLVII is primarily jealous and paranoid, prepared to eat the souls of those that reached a sure stage of energy, whatever the type, to safe her place and bolster her personal private energy. The insane lich sought to ascend to the ranks of divinity.

Vlaakith is revered as a lot as another cultures worship Gods, and has a presence inside Baldur’s Gate 3. Vlaakith was the title of many rulers of the githyanki race after the disappearance of Gith, the insurgent chief that united them in opposition to the illithids. The unique holder, Vlaakith I helped seal the pact between the purple dragons and the githyanki. All subsequent queens of the githyanki had been named after her.

Githyanki Traits

  • Potential Rating Enhance. Your Intelligence rating will increase by 1 and your Power rating will increase by 2.
  • Age. Gith attain maturity of their late teenagers and dwell for a couple of century.
  • Measurement. Gith are taller and leaner than people, with most a slender 6 toes in top. Your measurement is Medium.
  • Velocity. Your base strolling velocity is 9 metres.
  • Languages. You’ll be able to converse, learn, and write Frequent and Gith.
  • Alignment. Githyanki have a tendency towards lawful evil. They’re aggressive and boastful, they usually stay the devoted servants of their lich-queen, Vlaakith. Renegade githyanki have a tendency towards chaos.
  • Decadent Mastery. You be taught one language of your alternative, and you might be proficient with one talent or instrument of your alternative. Within the timeless metropolis of Tu’narath, githyanki have bountiful time to grasp odd bits of information.
  • Martial Prodigy. You might be proficient with mild and medium armor and with shortswords, longswords, and greatswords.
  • Githyanki Psionics. You already know the Mage Hand cantrip, and the hand is invisible whenever you forged the cantrip with this trait.
    • Once you attain third stage, you’ll be able to forged the Leap spell as soon as with this trait, and also you regain the power to take action whenever you end a protracted relaxation. Once you attain fifth stage, you’ll be able to forged the Misty Step spell as soon as with this trait, and also you regain the power to take action whenever you end a protracted relaxation.
    • Intelligence is your spellcasting means for these spells. Once you forged them with this trait, they don’t require parts.

Finest Class for Githyanki

Due to their affinity for extra melee primarily based enhancements, what with their improve to Power and Intelligence in addition to their weapon and armor proficiency. Moreover, they acquire entry to some extremely helpful and versatile spells which lend support to their fight prowess. However relating to which class is good for Gith, we might say which you can’t go mistaken with Fighter or Wizard. Particularly Eldritch Knight as their secondary stat requires excessive Intelligence. However having the bonus to Power, martial prodigy and Psionics signifies that Gith are extremely versatile races however are notably expert in martial courses and extra Power targeted ones.

  • Githyanki statistics and racial traits make them efficient Eldritch Knights, Warlocks or Wizards, given the bonuses and proficiencies they get. Particularly, Wizards are able to utilizing medium armor, making Dexterity a much less vital means rating. 
  • Greatsword and Longsword coaching are additionally helpful for constructing Melee-oriented Wizards or Warlocks, permitting them to pursue Heavy Armor builds with Twin Wielding and even Nice Weapon Grasp feats later down the street.
  • Energy Builds embody utilizing the Circlet of Intelligence (mechanically grants 18 Intelligence) permitting you to push that stat right down to ‘9’ at Character creation in anticipation of buying this very highly effective merchandise.  

Githyanki in Baldur’s Gate 3

From the opening cinematic, we are able to see simply how vital and concerned Gith will probably be within the story. It’s solely to be anticipated contemplating the principle premise and narrative hook entails illithids and their impact on the principle participant. The world reacts to Githyanki as if they’re certainly aliens, they’re irregular and other people may have completely different interactions with you if you’re Gith.

Githyanki are peerless warriors from the Astral Airplane, recognized for his or her legendary silver blades and purple dragon mounts. They search the overall destruction of thoughts flayers, whose historical empire enslaved the githyanki for millennia

This clearly each opens and closes a number of narrative doorways, which is nice as a result of it means that you can really expertise the sport otherwise. So irrespective of the primary playthrough, in the event you didn’t play as a Gith, it could be value a brand new playthrough as one simply to see how completely different it’ll be. Which alternatives will probably be open or closed to you relying in your alternative of race.

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