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Tieflings, the beings derived from infernal or abyssal bloodlines, whether or not they have been became tieflings by the powers of an archdemon, archdevil or sufferer to some divine curse, or maybe they’ve some infernal heritage that has left a transparent imprint on their look. Tieflings are a demonic-looking humanoid, with massive horns that take any of quite a lot of shapes: some have curling horns like a ram, others have straight and tall horns like a gazelle’s, and a few spiral upward like an antelopes’ horns. They’ve thick tails, 4 to 5 toes lengthy, which lash or coil round their legs once they get upset or nervous. Their enamel are pointed, and their eyes are stable colours—black, pink, white, silver, or gold—with no seen sclera or pupil. Their pores and skin tones cowl the total vary of human coloration, but additionally embody numerous shades of pink. Their hair, cascading down from behind their horns, is often darkish, from black or brown to darkish pink, blue, or purple.

Tieflings are amongst a favorite race for lots of D&D gamers, not solely due to their aesthetic but additionally the in-game talents and options they’re ample in.

Tiefling Traits

Tieflings share sure racial traits on account of their infernal descent. Though there are a variety of subraces of Tieflings, BG3 is proscribed

Capacity Rating Enhance

Subrace dependant.


Tieflings mature on the identical fee as people however dwell a number of years longer.


Tieflings are about the identical dimension and construct as people. Your dimension is Medium.


The Tiefling’s base strolling pace is 30 toes.


Because of their infernal heritage, tieflings have superior imaginative and prescient in darkish and dim circumstances. They’ll see in dim gentle inside 60 toes of them as if it have been shiny gentle, and in darkness as if it have been dim gentle.

Hellish Resistance

Tieflings have resistance to fireside harm.


Tieflings can communicate, learn, and write Frequent and Infernal.

Asmodeus Tiefling

Capacity Rating Enhance

2 to Charisma, +1 to Intelligence.

Infernal Legacy

Asmodeus Tieflings know the thaumaturgy cantrip.

Zariel Tiefling

Capacity Rating Enhance

+ 2 to Charisma, +1 to Energy.

Infernal Legacy

Asmodeus Tieflings know the thaumaturgy cantrip.

Mephistopholes Tiefling

Capacity Rating Enhance

+ 2 to Charisma, +1 to Intelligence.

Infernal Legacy

Asmodeus Tieflings know the mage hand cantrip.

Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3

Tieflings are a narratively-dense race, contemplating the story of BG3 takes place shortly after the occasions of Descent into Avernus, a TTRPG module that facilities laregely spherical Elturel, a metropolis predominantely run by tieflings. In truth, shortly after beginning BG3, the participant can encounter numerous refugees, Tieflings who survived the Descent and are at the moment making their option to Baldur’s Gate for sanctuary.

Welcome to Baldur’s Gate, a metropolis of ambition and corruption located on the crossroads of the Sword Coast. You’ve simply began your adventuring profession, however already end up embroiled in a plot that sprawls from the shadows of Baldur’s Gate to the entrance traces of the planes-spanning Blood Conflict! Do you’ve got what it takes to show infernal warfare machines and nefarious contracts in opposition to the archdevil Zariel and her diabolical hordes? And may you ever hope to search out your means house safely when pitted in opposition to the infinite evils of the 9 Hells?

Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus

So for those who select to play a tiefling, you’ll be happy to see a welcoming group of your kin, however very early on can we additionally get to see the discrimination tieflings endure within the Forgotten Realms. And we are able to solely think about how worse that’ll be once they get to Baldur’s Gate itself. This being stated, tieflings typically have quite a lot of narratively-driven content material, because of their infernal bloodline. The world will acknowledge you, and it’d even be more durable for you, however this solely means it’ll be a extra immersive story for you.

Greatest Class for Tieflings in BG3

Warlock BG3

With the assorted mechanics and skill buffs in thoughts, what’s the finest class so that you can play? Effectively, Tieflings are a a Charisma centered race which immeidately grants them favour with Sorcerers and Warlocks, however they may be a strong Wizard with their buffs to Intelligence. So which do you need to decide?


Sorcerers carry a magical birthright conferred upon them by an unique bloodline, some otherworldly affect, or publicity to unknown cosmic forces. Nobody chooses sorcery; the facility chooses the sorcerer.

Sorcerers’ magic is innate, and works off your Charisma. To date, in Early Entry, Baldur’s Gate has entry to Dragonic Bloodline and Wild Magic Sorcery. Each of which you’ll be able to be taught extra about in our Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerer Guide.


Warlocks are seekers of the information that lies hidden within the material of the multiverse. Via pacts made with mysterious beings of supernatural energy, warlocks unlock magical results each delicate and spectacular.

Warlocks are gifted their magic as a part of an otherworldy pact with a stronger being, it really works off their Charisma. To date, in Early Entry, Baldur’s Gate has entry to The Archfey, the Fiend and the Outdated One. All of which you’ll be able to be taught extra about in our Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock Guide.


Wizards are supreme magic-users, outlined and united as a category by the spells they solid. Drawing on the delicate weave of magic that permeates the cosmos, wizards solid spells of explosive fireplace, arcing lightning, delicate deception, brute-force thoughts management, and far more.

Wizards be taught their magic as it really works off their Intelligence. To date, in EA, Baldur’s Gate 3 has entry to Abjuration and Evocation. Each of which you’ll be able to be taught extra about in our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard Guide.

Remaining Ideas

So in conclusion? Tieflings are an excellent race to play BG3 in, and on the subject of which class is right? Effectively you need to by no means really feel restricted to the category you need to play by the race you’ve chosen. Until you need to metagame, play the category you are feeling you’d get pleasure from essentially the most however for those who do need to match up the perfect stats to the perfect class, then we’d suggest Sorcerers, Warlocks or Wizards on your tiefling construct!

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