Finest Perks for Shaggy In MultiVersus


On this information, we’ll suggest the greatest perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus.

One of many beginning characters you get is Scooby Doo’s very personal Shaggy.

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His alter-ego makes him a deadly character to select within the sport with highly effective base assaults.

These beneficial perks can scale him even additional! In the event you play Shaggy and wish to make him stronger, this information is for you.

Earlier than we go into which perks are greatest appropriate for Shaggy, right here is the extent Shaggy must be to unlock the important perks:

  • Lumpy Area Punch – Degree 2
  • Kryptonian Pores and skin – Degree 4
  • Equip Ally Perks – Degree 6
  • Final Stand – Degree 7
  • Signature Perk: One Final Zoinks – Degree 8
  • Perk Coaching – Degree 9
  • Signature Perk: Hangry Man – Degree 10
  • Snowball Impact – Degree 11
  • Retaliation-Prepared – Degree 12
  • Velocity Drive Help – Degree 13

Whereas all perks are good in their very own methods, some perks are higher suited than others relying on character package and talent.

Your personal playstyle also needs to be considered so take these beneficial by a grain of salt!

Finest Perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus

Supply: Polygon, 2022

Shaggy is a bruiser, he’s greatest as a short-distance skirmish fighter.

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Placing Shaggy near the motion is essential for his package to shine as he packs a punch! These perks may also help complement his package:

  • One Final Zoinks – This perk permits Shaggy to realize fury as soon as passing 100 injury. This lessens the time to attend for Shaggy’s strikes to recharge and you’ll win with this perk single-handily.
  • Snowball Impact – This impact is brutal and nice for exploiting the weakest character within the sport. The perk offers an extra 7% of injury towards essentially the most broken participant within the sport.
  • Lumpy Area Punch – His sandwich potential must be utilised! This perk permits Shaggy to hit their opponents with 5% elevated melee
  • Final Stand – An incredible perk to synergise with. This enables Shaggy and his allies to extend injury by 10% as soon as over 100 injury. This perk is greatest mixed with One Final Zoinks because it ruins opponents probabilities of a comeback.

Time beyond regulation, these perks will stack. Excessive danger perks include excessive reward and undoubtedly suits the playstyle equivalent to Shaggy.

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Upfront, bruiser playstyle will look to win skirmish fights. Watch out nonetheless, as these perks will not be that defensive!

Chances are you’ll be caught susceptible at occasions so use your package with warning.

Give these perks a attempt with Shaggy and see in the event that they be just right for you! Once more, playstyle might differ so mess around with them and see which of them you’re snug with.

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