Finest Perks For Steven Universe In MultiVersus


On this information, we’ll present you the way the greatest perks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe is an attention-grabbing character within the MultiVersus universe.

A very good assist character that may present further armour for allies and deflecting projectiles.

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Having a Steven Universe in your group shouldn’t be a deterrent to the composition, the character offers ample crowd-control block for you!

These advisable perks will look to boost Steven Universe’s play within the enviornment.

Supply: VGC, 2022

Steven Universe’s assist power comes when he makes use of shields and talents to supply buffs, assist and heals.

This may straight affect what sort of perks shall be constructed round him.

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With out additional ado, listed below are Steven Universe’s advisable perks:

  • Bounce Bubble – A signature means for Steven Universe. This perk extends the hit stun and additional velocity after knocked into Steven’s wall or shields. Each of those talents Steven have are key to proc this perk. The buffs with the perk will increase your attacking means so you possibly can maintain your individual in two on twos!
  • Triple Leap – A daily perk to equip for Steven Universe. This perk means that you can retrieve an additional soar after hitting an enemy within the air.
  • Ice To Beat You! – An offence perk for Steven. This implies allies projectiles do one stack of ice if it knocks enemies again. That is okay by itself nonetheless with an mage ally, akin to Tom & Jerry – this might occur much more usually!
  • Up, Up, And A-Slay! – This perk may be very helpful for vertical characters, Steven synergises with this very properly too as he’s one in all them. An extra vertical based mostly character could possibly be nice too for a further bonus. Injury additionally will increase that launch enemies upwards which could be deadly for KOs.

These perks are solely suggestions nonetheless. Solely approach you possibly can mould your play type is in the event you… play.

So discover who you mesh with probably the most and get grinding earlier than Season One begins!

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