Are you able to tame a Panda in Minecraft?

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Pandas: they’re not simply one of many cutest animals in the actual world but additionally on the earth of Minecraft, too!

Not like most different Minecraft mobs or animals, Pandas can’t be led with a leash, and so they can’t technically be tamed. Nonetheless, there are just a few methods to befriend them and deal with them as pets. To do that, you simply want to search out the important thing to their coronary heart… (spoiler alert: it’s meals). When you supply a Minecraft Panda its favourite meals, it’ll observe you in every single place! (so long as you retain it in hand).

The best way to get a Panda to observe you in Minecraft

First, end up a panda! You can too sort within the code ‘/summon minecraft:panda’ to make one spontaneously seem.

What’s a panda’s favourite meals? Bamboo! If you wish to tame a panda, you’ll have to feed it a lot.

There are just a few methods to search out bamboo in Minecraft. The commonest methods are:

  • Discover it rising naturally in jungle biomes.
  • Supply it from fishing in jungle biomes.
  • Looting jungle temple chests.
  • Giving your self bamboo with the cheat ‘/give @s bamboo’.

Find Bamboo

Take the bamboo out of your stock and maintain it in your hand. Your panda will mechanically come over to you, and can observe you all of the whilst you’re holding it – except you get to distant.

Feed Your Panda

If you wish to preserve your pandas as pets, the easiest way to do it’s to construct your self a panda enclosure just like the one beneath:

Create A Panda Enclosure



By luring simply two pandas into your enclosure, you would find yourself with as many as now we have! Merely feed your pandas till they begin producing crimson love hearts like these:

Panda eating bamboo

Shortly after, you possibly can welcome a brand new child panda into your enclosure!

Panda andbaby

To provide crimson hearts (love mode), there have to be at the least eight bamboo blocks inside a 5 block radius of your panda.

If you wish to preserve your pandas glad and wholesome, they’ll want bamboo. With the bamboo outfitted in your hand, merely place it on some grass blocks. It would seem like this: 

Optional Plant Bamboo

To make your bamboo taller, merely stack extra on prime like this – or look ahead to it to develop!

Planting Larger Bamboo

Minecraft Pandas eat Cake, too?!

Whereas the commonest (and best) meals to provide to Pandas is Bamboo, you may not know additionally they eat cake, too! Nicely, in Minecraft, that’s. We’re unsure whether or not you must feed cake to an actual Panda. A Minecraft Panda received’t choose up positioned Cake, however if you happen to drop the merchandise close by, a Panda will choose it up and eat it!

Pandas eat cake Minecraft

The place To Discover A Panda

Minecraft Pandas are sometimes discovered within the Bamboo Jungle biome. You can too summon them with the cheat talked about above or a spawn egg. Spawn eggs can solely be present in inventive mode or through the use of the ‘/give’ command.

How To Use A Panda

Though Minecraft pandas can’t be correctly tamed, they are often lured into enclosures and stored as pets.

You can too receive Bamboo from pandas by killing them. Pandas will drop between 0-3 bamboo, relying on their age and the strategy used to kill them. However why would you wish to kill a cute Panda?! Simply collect Bamboo from the Jungle and farm it.

Minecraft Pandas: Fascinating Info

  • Some Minecraft pandas are aggressive when one other panda is injured. These pandas can have grey eyebrows.
  • 5% of Pandas spawn as child pandas.
  • Brown pandas are the rarest pandas.
  • If a child panda sneezes, different pandas could bounce or roll.
  • Pandas may be fed cake in addition to bamboo sticks.
  • Pandas want a lightweight stage of 9+ to spawn.
  • Some pandas could produce a slime ball once they sneeze.

Panda Instructions

To summon an everyday panda, use the command /summon minecraft:panda

To summon a uncommon brown panda,you’ll have to play with the genes. Use the command /summon minecraft:panda ~ ~ ~ {MainGene:brown,HiddenGene:brown}

You can too summon panda cubs with the command /summon minecraft:panda ~ ~ ~ {Age:-1200} (will develop in 60 seconds), or /summon minecraft:panda ~ ~ ~ {Age:-6000} (grows in 5 minutes)

Panda Vs. Polar Bear

What are the variations between Minecraft pandas and polar bears?


  • A panda’s persona varies. They are often regular, nervous, lazy, aggressive, weak, playful, or brown. Playful pandas will usually roll round.
  • Spawn within the bamboo jungle biome
  • Black and white or brown and white
  • Primarily used for harvesting supplies

Polar Bear

  • Spawn as both passive or hostile
  • Spawn in icy and chilly areas akin to frozen ocean biomes
  • White
  • Polar bears can be utilized to assault or defend. Gamers also can experience them.

Incessantly Requested Questions

How To Transport Pandas In Minecraft?

One of the simplest ways to move pandas is by way of a ship. Nonetheless, if you happen to don’t personal one, you can too use a nether portal.

They may also be lured with bamboo. Nonetheless, it is a tedious operation because of their sluggish motion velocity!

What’s The Rarest Panda In Minecraft?

The rarest panda in Minecraft is the brown panda. There are at present no identified methods to tame brown pandas.

How Uncommon Is A Sick Panda In Minecraft?

Sick pandas will not be quite common in Minecraft. They’ll usually have a frowning face, teary eyes, and snotty noses. In the event you do encounter one, attempt to heal it with therapeutic potions.

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