Stage up in Steelrising

How precisely do you stage up in Steelrising?

You begin the sport at Stage 5, however the place do you go from there? Anima Essence is the important thing.

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Stage Up in Steelrising?

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Steelrising has an identical leveling-up system to any souls-like recreation. If you wish to get stronger it is advisable to amass a haul of Anima Essence, Steelrising’s equal of souls or related leveling up foreign money present in different souls-like video games.

You acquire Anima Essence by defeating enemies, looting corpses and chests, defeating bosses, and extra. To stage up, all it is advisable to do is go to the improve menu at any Vestal or Horseless Carriage.

There you may spend your essence and put factors into one in all 4 attributes:

  • Energy
  • Sturdiness
  • Agility
  • Engineering
  • Vigour
  • Elemental Alchemy

Each attribute provides completely different bonuses.

Greatest Attributes to Put Factors Into in Steelrising


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Energy will increase your harm with Energy Affinity weapons and will increase your Influence. The latter is liable for the time enemies shall be staggered. The very best attribute for a heavy-hitting class like a Bodyguard or a Soldier. Nice should you like a slower playstyle.


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This attribute is liable for your total well being (crimson bar). It additionally will increase your Steadiness which helps you not get knocked down when hit by a heavy assault.

If you’re constructing a tank with extra survivability, that does extra DPS than burst harm, then put some factors into Sturdiness for positive.

Agility – Stage Up in Steelrising

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Agility is liable for the harm of your weapons that scale with Agility Affinity. It additionally will increase your immobilization, which is the stagger meter of your enemy (the reticule on a locked goal).

Agility is the very best stat to max out when enjoying an agile, fast-paced Dancer. It permits you to chain combos with a whole lot of mobility.

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Engineering is probably the most utility-related statistic and the least helpful in most conditions. It will increase your Armor, Affliction, and Loot Multipliers. It has some synergy with Elemental Alchemy and builds that depend on elemental harm.

Vigour – Stage Up in Steelrising

Steelrising Attribute 5
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Vigour is liable for your total Endurance in addition to Vital Hit Multiplier. It pairs rather well with Agility, as a result of Vital Hits may be executed on enemies when their stance meter is damaged and so they’re immobilized.

Elemental Alchemy

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Elemental Alchemy will increase your Alchemical Affinity weapons, in addition to your elemental resistances to Ignition, Frost, and Electrocution. When you play as an alchemist, it’s your most necessary attribute. It permits you to handle the battlefield with three parts and survive your self.


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