How To Play Tank In MultiVersus

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On this information, we’ll present you easy methods to play tank in MultiVersus.

Tanks are gradual, defensive and heavyweight characters that may deal much less injury nonetheless can have the ability to inflict extra.

If you happen to like to preserve fights shut and concurrently being upfront, that is the category for you!

In MultiVersus, the principle tanks within the sport presently is:

  • Marvel Girl
  • Iron Large
  • Superman

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Why play tank in MultiVersus?

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Whereas talked about earlier than that tanks may be gradual and defensive – they are often at occasions very efficient i.e Superman.

Tanks akin to Superman can deal excessive injury and concurrently soak up heavy injury as a barrier to your ally in 2v2s.

An obstacle to them nonetheless as talked about earlier than is being gradual and heavyweight.

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They’ll discover themselves extra susceptible as characters as they’re gradual to maneuver round within the area.

Lessons akin to bruisers could have a greater time excelling towards tanks as they’ve additional motion pace to extend their fluidity in elements akin to combos.

The place tanks excel the perfect is their survivability.

Aerial assaults may be deadly when used proper, nonetheless tanks are capable of maintain a variety of aerial risk because of their base armour.

Recommendations on easy methods to play tank in MultiVersus

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Determining motion is essential for tank, as motion is gradual you’ll have to excel at this to be sure you’re not being caught by quicker characters.

You’ll need to depend on the quantity of injury you soak up too nonetheless don’t take an excessive amount of injury!

Tanks are wonderful characters for 2v2 as they’ll act as a protect for allies to free them from injury being inflicted.

Whereas they do soak up injury, they’ll additionally deal quantity. Superman for instance can deal nice injury blended in together with his specials and lasers to arrange nice aerial assaults.

Perceive your character much more – see which specials, combos and perks mesh effectively with them.

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The Lab can be your finest good friend! Use this software to get down your combos, and in addition how your perks finest synergise together with your package.

Whatever the character you’re taking part in, the lab ought to all the time be your good friend earlier than queuing as much as get these sticks warmed up!

To sum up on easy methods to play tank, bear in mind:

  • Determine the characters motion and it’s weak spots
  • Act as a protect to your allies as you soak up excessive injury
  • See which perks mesh with every character
  • Be sure you’re dealing extra injury as you soak up

When you get the grasp of being a tank, you may be nearly unstoppable.

Being a tank you’ll have the ability to soak up a variety of injury so you will have sufficient ample energy to take down enemies by your self.

It’s not a simple class to play nonetheless because of motion and suppleness, so get training!

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