Trendy Warfare 2 Finest Killstreaks

You need the most effective killstreaks in MW2? We have got you coated.

Up to date: Oct 20, 2022 2:50 pm

Do you wish to learn about the most effective killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2?

Killstreaks are a big a part of the sport, as they will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

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That stated, there are an enormous number of completely different killstreak choices at your disposal.

Learn on to find the most effective killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2.

Trendy Warfare 2 Finest Killstreaks

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It’s fairly a problem to select the most effective killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2, partially as a result of we’re not 100% that we all know all of them simply but. We’ve a good suggestion of what positively will likely be within the recreation when it releases, however there are a number of gaps.

For example, iconic killstreaks that made MW2 well-known again when it initially got here out, equivalent to Nuke, haven’t been confirmed or denied for the sport.

Our checklist under reveals the most effective killstreaks within the recreation to this point. We’ll replace the checklist with any new killstreaks we find out about.

UAV – 4 Kills

You may scoff, however the UAV is a staple of just about each COD recreation, and for superb causes. Not solely is that this a reasonably low cost killstreak, requiring solely 4 kills to unlock, however it additionally offers you a bunch of factors from UAV Assists and might flip the tide in opposition to the enemy in case your crew makes use of it successfully.

Care Package deal – 5 Kills

The care package deal is a prime decide in the event you’re into playing. This killstreak drops a field with a random killstreak inside, and there’s an opportunity you’ll get a kind of tremendous high-end streaks from it. Principally, this streak has the potential to allow stuff just like the Juggernaut for less than 5 kills. Insanity.

Stealth Bomber – 10 Kills

Certain, this one has fairly a excessive value, however its utility isn’t simply in getting you much more kills. This stealth bomber carpet bombs in a straight line throughout the map. In lots of matches, you should use the Stealth Bomber as a type of battlefield management. In a well-coordinated crew, this is usually a killer software in your arsenal.

Juggernaut – 15 Kills

It might be laborious to checklist the most effective killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2 with out speaking about Juggernaught. This beast requires 15 kills, however you’re virtually assured to double that by utilizing this streak. It offers you a set of Juggernaught assault gear with a minigun. Not solely does this make you insanely laborious to kill, however you possibly can dish out insane harm, and even if you do go down, you drop the minigun in your crew to make use of. Excellent.

All Killstreaks in MW2

Effectively, you’ve seen the most effective, now right here’s the remaining. We’ve listed under the entire checklist (to this point) of killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2.

Killstreak Kills Required
Bomb Drone 4
Counter-UAV 5
Care Package deal 5
Cluster Mine 5
Precision Airstrike 6
Cruise Missile 6
Mortar Strike 6
S.A.E 7
Sentry Gun 7
VTOL Jet 8
Overwatch Helo 8
Wheelson HS 8
Stealth Bomber 10
Chopper Gunner 10
Emergency Airdrop 10
Gunship 12
Superior UAV 12
Juggernaut 15

Trendy Warfare 2 Finest Killstreaks FAQs

What are the most effective killstreaks in Trendy Warfare 2?

The perfect killstreaks in MW2 (to this point) are:

  • UAV – 4 Kills
  • Care Package deal – 5 Kills
  • Stealth Bomber – 10 Kills
  • Juggernaut – 15 Kills

What number of killstreaks are in MW2?

To date, we learn about 19 completely different killstreaks obtainable within the recreation:

  • UAV
  • Bomb Drone
  • Counter-UAV
  • Care Package deal
  • Cluster mine
  • Precision Airstrike
  • Cruise Missile
  • Morter Strike
  • S.A.E
  • Sentry Gun
  • VTOL Jet
  • Overwatch Helo
  • Wheelson HS
  • Stealth Bomber
  • Chopper Gunner
  • Emergency Airdrop
  • Gunship
  • Superior UAV
  • Juggernaut

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