Nvidia RTX 2060 vs 3060 – how a lot can two years change?

Does the older gen nonetheless maintain up?

Previous vs new which is the higher selection for you? We examine Nvidia’s RTX 2060 vs 3060 playing cards to see which is your subsequent best graphics card. It might not at all times be the case that you have to purchase the latest era. Even the older playing cards can maintain up on their very own, of their day they had been new too.

The RTX 2060 got here out in January of 2019, with the 3060 coming alongside two years later in January of 2021. With a brand new structure and a few years of innovation, there will likely be some good variations between them. So we check out the architectural variations, what specs have to supply, and the variations in value and efficiency.

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Constructed in numerous generations, the playing cards have totally different architectures. The 20 collection relies on the Turing structure, while the 30 collection relies on Ampere. This implies they’re constructed in another way and even when they’ve the identical cores would probably not work the identical. Specifically, 2060 has the TU106 chip while the 3060 has the GA106 die.

With totally different architectures, in addition they have totally different manufacturing processes. TU106 makes use of TSMCs 12nm while the GA106 die has a smaller course of with Samsungs 8nm course of. Giving the Ampere card a a lot denser construct for its transistors. Actually, in its 276mm2 die measurement, it has 12 billion transistors. Whereas the Turing card has solely 10.8 billion transistors in its 445mm2 die.

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RTX 2060 vs 3060 Specs

RTX 2060 RTX 3060
GPU TU106-200A-KA-A1 GA106-300-A1
Shaders 1920 3584
RT cores 30 28
TMUs 120 112
Reminiscence 6GB GDDR6 12GB GDDR6
Base clock 1365 MHz 1320 MHz
Enhance clock 1680 MHz 1777 MHz
Reminiscence clock 14 Gbps 15 Gbps
Card bus PCIe 3.0 x16 PCIe 4.0 x16
Reminiscence bandwidth 336.0 GB/s 360.0 GB/s
TDP 160W 170W

how they’re made may give us a very good indication of how the playing cards could carry out. In addition to what makes up a number of the variations between them. Specifically, we have a look at the cores, VRAM, clock, and TDP variations.

PCI bus

Solely a key distinction between generations it has a distinction in our 2060 vs 3060 comparability. The cardboard bus makes use of a PCI commonplace and in between these two playing cards they’ve upgraded their PCI era. This half is what permits the GPU to speak with the motherboard and the remainder of the system.

The 20 collection makes use of a gen 3 connector, whereas the 30 collection has an upgraded 4th collection connector. Which means there may be an upgraded bandwidth within the newer era of playing cards. And the leap in era doubles the entire capability of the hyperlink. As the three.0 x16 connector permits 15.74 GB/s, in comparison with the 4.0 x16s 31.508 GB/s.

Though unlikely that they are going to max out that connection it may very well be doable. So having that additional overhead means the 3060 has the benefit when it comes to what it could actually obtain.

RTX3060ti 4


Video memory is used as a body buffer and storage for pixels. This implies it’s the half between your GPU and CPU that holds key graphical information. The capacities and speeds have grown lately to assist with the upper resolutions that require extra pixels to run. So to maintain from buffering and latency you will need to preserve each of those up.

There’s a surprisingly giant distinction between 2060 vs 3060 as they each nonetheless use the identical sort of VRAM simply in numerous quantities. With GDDR6 and the identical reminiscence bus, they range with capability. 2060 solely has 6GB whereas the 3060 has 12GB, even when in comparison with the remainder of the 30 collection it’s much more than anticipated. Though in addition they differ barely within the bandwidth and clock, which lets the 3060 have a better bandwidth by 24 GB/s.

Core depend

What makes up the dies are particular person segments specializing in specific instruction units. Which can be shaders engaged on shadows and shading, RT cores specializing in real-time ray tracing, or TMUs that work on creating 3d photos from bitmaps.

Between these two graphic playing cards, there are some peculiar variations. You might count on the newer gen card to have a better depend and work higher. It’s true for the shader depend with the 3060 having 35% extra items however not for the others. For RT cores and TMUs, the 3060 drops the depend by 6.7%. Possible all the way down to the architectural variations between the 2 generations.

ZOTAC3060ti 7

Thermal design energy

TDP of a graphics card is the utmost quantity of energy the cardboard will eat that finally is transformed into warmth. Each give an concept of how a lot it’ll price to run and the way a lot of a heating ingredient the cardboard will likely be. Between these two playing cards, there isn’t a lot distinction in TDP. The 3060 is simply better by 10W which is larger however not considerably, however could eat extra energy and wish barely extra cooling.

Clock velocity

Lastly, we have a look at the clock velocity of a GPU. It’s decided by how rapidly the silicon crystals can cycle and course of graphics. A function that may be a consideration however generally not the one think about figuring out a card’s skills. Though one of many favorites for getting pushed by overclocking to get extra out of your element.

Within the case of 2060 vs 3060, there’s a slight variation in benefits. For the bottom clock, it’s the 20 collection that has a better clock price, with 1365 MHz in comparison with the 30 collection 1320 MHz. However when boosted the newer gen card takes the reigns. It manages to realize 1777 MHz whereas the 2060 will get 1680 MHz a a lot slower working die.

2060 vs 3060 Efficiency

Having a look on the 3dmarks benchmarks we get an understanding of the uncooked comparisons of the graphical efficiency of the 2 GPUs. The 3060 manages a rating of 8,784 and a value to efficiency of 26. In comparison with the 2060s rating of seven,543 with a value to efficiency of 21. Exhibiting that in reality there are some key benefits to the newer builds.

Having a look at different benchmarks the 3060 doesn’t have as a lot of a bonus. It has solely an 8% improve in a mean rating over the 2060. The sport efficiency of the GPU is about 17% larger on common than the 2060. Which does imply the cardboard is healthier to be used basically.

3060 3060 Ti prebuilt

RTX 2060 vs 3060 Worth comparability

Positively, a defining issue when deciding on which graphics card to choose is how a lot it’ll price you. The launch value of the 2060 was $349 while the 3060 launched for $329. So at MSRP, it’s higher off to get the newer card, because it’s cheaper for higher efficiency.

Nevertheless, within the present shortage, it might be tougher. With GPUs more expensive than they need to be it’s possible you’ll not get them at these costs. At the moment, available on the market, you will discover the 2060 for $440 with the 3060 costing $525. This can be a tougher discount to search out.

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Is the 2060 or 3060 higher?

General, when trying on the 2060 vs 3060 comparability, from efficiency and structure it’s the higher option to get the 3060. Though pricing could also be a consideration since regardless that they’re each meant to be below $350 neither of them is lower than $400. So it might be price ready for prices to keep falling, or ready for the subsequent era of playing cards with the RTX 4000 series. Or probably even an Intel ARC Alchemist for the variability.

RTX 2060 vs 3060 FAQs

How significantly better is the RTX 3060 than 2060?

From the 3DMarks graphics benchmarks, the 3060 achieves a rating 16% larger than the 2060. While in gaming its gaming efficiency it additionally manages an 8-17% larger framerate over its older counterpart.

How a lot sooner is the RTX 3060 vs 2060?

When it comes to clock price, the 3060 has a decrease base clock and manages a sooner enhance and reminiscence clock. It has a 3% decrease base, 6% larger enhance, and seven% larger reminiscence clock over the 2060.

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