Nvidia RTX 2080 Tremendous vs 3070

How a lot is in it between the 2 generations

Evaluating the final era with the present we examine Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super vs 3070. Though it’s supposedly a lower-tier card, it has the potential to nonetheless be the best graphics card.

The 2080 Tremendous was launched in late July of 2019, ending up the 20 collection lineup. While the 3070 got here alongside the preliminary launch of the 30 collection. Releasing simply over a yr later in September/October 2020. With the era of variations and adjustments in structure, we see what sort of features it presents.

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From two totally different collection of playing cards, they’re made up of various architectures. The 20 collection was based mostly on the Turing structure. While the 30 collection makes use of the Ampere structure, while Turing launched many new options, Ampere has improved upon them.

2080 Tremendous is constructed with the TU104-450 chip which is made with TSMCs 12nm course of. It creates a 545mm2 die that holds 13.6 billion transistors. In comparison with the 3070s GA104-300 GPU which is made with Samsungs 8nm course of. Making a die 392mm2 in sizer with 17.4 billion transistors in it.


RTX 2080 Tremendous RTX 3070
GPU TU104-450-A1 GA104-300-A1
Shaders 3072 5888
RT cores 48 46
TMUs 192 184
Reminiscence 8GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6
Base clock 1650 MHz 1500 MHz
Enhance clock 1815 MHz 1725 MHz
Reminiscence clock 15.5 Gbps 14 Gbps
Card bus PCIe 3.0 x16 PCIe 4.0 x16
Reminiscence bandwidth 495.9 GB/s 448.0 GB/s
TDP 250 W 220 W

With these architectural variations, we additionally see how they differ of their specs. There are some key components affecting the adjustments.


GPU cores element how the die is ready up. With every phase specializing in numerous issues. Specifically, we check out the shaders/CUDA cores, RT cores, and TMUs. These concentrate on the shadows and shading, real-time ray tracing, and creating 3D objects from bitmaps.

Between the 2080 Tremendous vs 3070, there are some fascinating variations. The 3070 has a higher shader rely of over 2,816. However then it has 4% fewer RT cores and TMUs. So while it vastly improves in some areas it lacks in others.

Video reminiscence

The VRAM of the cardboard is used for a body buffer and storage for pixels. Increased counts are wanted for bigger resolutions, as they make the most of extra pixels and want area to retailer them. To make sure efficiency is clean and suffers much less latency between the CPU and it.

RTX 3070 Gaming Trio close back

Between the 2 playing cards, there is no such thing as a distinction between reminiscence sort or capability. They solely differ by the pace of the 8GB of GDDR6. Even with the identical reminiscence bus, the 2080 tremendous has a greater bandwidth as its reminiscence is clocked larger. Permitting it to switch data out extra rapidly.

Clock charge

We additionally examine at what speeds the 2 GPUs course of directions. An element of the silicon oscillation offers a quantity to how rapidly graphics could be output from the GPU. Not the only chief within the performance however it may be used to get probably the most out of it. As such it is without doubt one of the issues to get overclocked.

Between the 2080 Tremendous vs 3070, it’s the final era card that has the next pace. As customary, it could actually obtain a 1,650MHz base and a 1,815MHz enhance. Whereas the 3070 solely will get a 1,500MHz base and a 1,725MHz enhance clock. So despite the fact that it’s newer, not having the ability to get the identical speeds.


Thermal design energy is one other distinction between the 2 playing cards. It’s a quantity that informs us how a lot energy the cardboard will eat beneath most load. Since that is normally given off as warmth, it additionally informs us of what sort of warmth it’ll give off.

RTX 3070 Gaming Trio power

Between the 2 generations, the 2080 Tremendous has the upper TDP. With 250W it’s 30W larger than the 3070. Subsequently, beneath load, it’ll eat extra power in addition to give off more heat.

Card bus

One of many greater variations between the generations of GPUs is the bus interface used between the GPU and motherboard. The 20 collection solely used a gen 3 PCIe connector whereas the 30 collection upgraded to the 4th gen. Which doubles the accessible throughput of an x16 slot from 15.74 GB/s to 31.508 GB/s. Permitting the upper efficiency of the newer era to not be restricted by a connector.

2080 Tremendous vs 3070 efficiency

Evaluating the 2080 Tremendous vs 3070 on 3dmarks benchmarks we will see the uncooked efficiency of the 2. With which the 3070 manages to attain a rating of 13,679 and a price for cash of 27. Whereas the 2080 Tremendous achieves a decrease rating of 11,609 with solely a 16 in worth for cash.

This uncooked efficiency additionally interprets into gaming efficiency. With the 3070 taking the lead in video games throughout the board. It averages a rating 20-23% larger from 1080p to 4k.

RTX 3070 Gaming Trio fans

2080 Tremendous vs 3070 worth comparability

Having a look on the launch worth of the 2 graphics playing cards we will see what they have been valued at. The 2080 Tremendous launches for the value of $699, while the 3070 began at solely $499.

Though within the present market it’s possible you’ll not discover the identical state of affairs. With a GPU shortage, graphics cards are expensive. And looking on the market, it’s possible you’ll battle to seek out the 3070 for cheaper than the 2080 Tremendous not to mention near the MSRP.

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Is RTX 2080 Tremendous higher than 3070?

Total, when wanting on the RTX 2080 Tremendous vs 3070, the 30 collection card is the higher possibility. With enhancements in structure and a few specs, it simply beats the 2080 Tremendous. Whereas additionally meant to be cheaper than the older card.

Nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll not discover it that means and so it’s possible you’ll want to attend a bit longer for GPU prices to fall. Or watch for extra choices just like the Intel ARC Alchemist lineup, or the RTX 40 series prone to come by the top of the yr. 

RTX 2080 Tremendous vs 3070 FAQs

How a lot better is the 3070 than 2080 Tremendous?

In 3DMark the 3070 leads by 18% in graphical rating over the 2080 Tremendous. While the gaming efficiency is also led by the 30 collection card with a median of 20-23% larger throughout the resolutions.

How a lot sooner is RTX 3070 than 2080 Tremendous?

When it comes to the clock speeds, the 3070 nonetheless falls behind the older 2080 Tremendous. It does make-up in different specs and structure to deliver the efficiency features. Because the 2080 Tremendous has a ten% larger base clock, 5% larger enhance clock, and 11% larger reminiscence clock than the 3070.

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