Pokemon Go Arlo Counters August 2022

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Searching for Pokemon Go Arlo Counters for August 2022?

One other month, one other likelihood to battle it out with Pokemon Go’s villainous, goggle-sporting Arlo.

To assist get the higher hand in opposition to one of many Team Go Rocket’s toughest fighters and their roster of Shadow Pokemon, we’ve pulled collectively a complete checklist of Pokemon Arlo counters for August 2022.

Right here’s greatest Arlo’s August 2022 line-up, damaged down into phases for simpler studying.

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Pokemon Go Arlo Counters August 2022

Part 1 – Charmander

With out fail, Arlo at all times begins a battle with the trusty Charmander, a fire-type Pokemon, weak to Rock, Water, and Floor assaults.

Charmander Counters: Golem Rhyperior Tyranitar Rampardos Omastar

Part 2 – Mawile, Salamance, Charizard

Throughout Part 2, Arlo has an opportunity of pulling out one among three counters – Mawile, Salamance, Charicard.

Mawile Counters: Garchomp Entei Houndoom Moltres Chandelure

Mawile, a Metal and Fairy Pokemon, might be countered with Pokemon wielding Fireplace and Floor assaults.

Salamance Counters: Glaceon Weavile Mamoswine Galarian Darmanitan Rayquaza

Salamance’s strikes concentrate on Dragon and Flying. They’re weak to Ice assaults.

Charizard Counters: Tyranitar Golem Rhypherior Omastar Rampardos

Rock-type assaults do very nicely in opposition to Charizard, a Fireplace and Flying Pokemon.

Part 3 – Steelix, Scizor, Gardevoir

Part 3 sees Arlo depend on one among three Pokemon – Steelix, Scizor, Gardevoir.

Steelix Counters: Entei Conkeldurr Darmanitan Swampert Reshiram

Steelix, a Metal and Floor-type Pokemon, is countered utilizing Fireplace, Water, Floor, and Preventing-type assaults.

Scizor Counters: Charizard Blaziken Entei Darmanitan Reshiram

Scizor fights utilizing Metal and Bug assaults, however stumbles when up in opposition to Fireplace-type assaults.

Gardevoir Counters: Chandelure Metagross Gengar Hoopa Dialga

Weak to Poison, Metal, and Ghost-type assaults, Gardevoir favors Psychic and Fairy-type assaults.

With these Pokemon Go Arlo counters for August in hand it is best to have a a lot simpler time taking the Workforce Rocket chief down. Successful offers the chance to snap up a Shadow Pokemon of your individual, which you’ll be able to rework into CP or hold for future battles.

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