Pokemon Go Arlo Counters July 2022

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In search of Pokemon Go Arlo counters?

Pokemon Go’s Workforce Rocket Chief Arlo could be a tough opponent to take down as he has a really highly effective lineup.

When you don’t have the correct counters you may find yourself in a world of bother.

Understanding the struggle to make the correct strikes can prevent a whole lot of time.

When you beat Arlo, you get to seize one of many Shadow Pokemon, which is a large incentive to beat him.

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Arlo’s Pokemon go Counters

We’ve got compiled the present lineup together with the perfect Pokemon Go Arlo counters.

  • Section 1: Charmander
  • Section 2: Salamence/Charizard/Mawile
  • Section 3: Scizor/Steelix/Gardevoir

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Charmander

Arlo all the time summons Charmander in Section 1. You need to be capable of take it down with Floor, Water, or Rock-type assaults. Regirock, Golem, and Tyranitar are wonderful choices and it’s best to leverage quick strikes like Rock Throw or Smack Down. In your Cost Transfer, Rock Wrecker, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Rock Slide are all tremendous efficient towards Charmander.


Salamence is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon. You need to use an Ice-type Pokemon to struggle this stage. Go for an Ice-type Pokemon like Mamoswine. Avalanche offers severe harm to the Pokemon and offers you a large benefit.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Mawile 

Mawile is a Metal/Fairy-type Pokemon that’s weak to Floor and Fireplace-type assaults. You need to use the identical Pokemon Go Arlo counters technique as what you used towards Charmander and also you’ll do exactly high quality. Earth Energy is an distinctive transfer towards this Pokemon.


As soon as once more, you should use Rock-type strikes by leveraging characters like Rampardos and Golem.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Scizor

Much like Mawile, use Fireplace-type strikes to take down the Pokemon. Entei, Heatran, Charizard, Blaziken, or some other premium Fireplace-type Pokemon ought to do the job simply high quality. Overheat and Blast Burn are the perfect Cost Strikes to make use of towards Scizor.


You’ll be able to proceed to make use of Fireplace-type assaults. The counters are precisely the identical Fireplace-type strikes which are nice towards Scizor. These are additionally efficient right here.

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters – Gardevoir 

Gardevoir could be a tough Pokemon to take down as its weaknesses, and subsequently its counter, are very totally different from each different Pokemon Arlo makes use of. Utilizing Ghost, Poison, or Metal assaults is really useful with Gengar and Metagross being two of the perfect Pokemon to counter Gardevoir.

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