Shadowrun Trilogy: The Redmond Barrens Walkthrough 

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The Redmond Barrens is the place Shadowrun Returns really starts to open up. You’re out of the tutorial now and into the Shadowrun Trilogy’s first correct mission.

Jake Armitage wants your assist with taking out John Paul, the chief of the native Halloweeners gang. The Halloweeners are after the bounty on his head and have troopers trying to find him throughout. If you need Jake’s support in monitoring down Sam Watts’ killer, then you definately’re going to have to assist him out first by slicing the pinnacle off the Halloweeners and reclaiming The Redmond Barrens. 

Navigating The Redmond Barrens might be initially overwhelming after the linear nature of Shadowrun Returns’ tutorial ranges. Don’t fear although, we’re right here that will help you get your bearings and begin to make your mark on the Seattle streets

Shadowrun Trilogy: The Redmond Barrens 

As you exit the morgue, Jake Armitage tells you that he has a stash positioned simply close by. Take a proper and head southeast exterior of Organ Grinders to satisfy up with Vlad, who has a darkish imaginative and prescient to share with you.

Head again northwest, and proceed down the trail away from Organ Grinders. On the intersection, transfer southeast to talk with Sarah, who informs you that the Halloweeners have arrange store within the sq. close by. 

Shadowrun Trilogy: Gearing up 

Return to the intersection and transfer down the northwest alley to seek out the stash belonging to Jake Armitage. Work together with the stash to obtain gear custom-tailored to your class

After choosing up your new gear from the stash, you and Jake can be jumped by two muggers. Fortunately, they barely put up a battle. Simply your fundamental class expertise and weaponry can be greater than sufficient to place them within the floor. 

Returning to the intersection once more, you’ll meet a brand new NPC. The Worrried Man requests assist coping with a gaggle that’s harassing and shaking down the native market. Agreeing to assist unlocks your first Facet Quest: Assist Bullied Service provider. 

Assist Bullied Service provider 

Head Thug Halloweeners

Head northeast from the intersection to seek out the market. Interacting with the Head Thug provides you many choices to cope with the state of affairs.

The highest two dialogue decisions will antagonize the Thugs and result in fight. The third choice means that you can pay a small quantity of Nuyen to keep away from a battle and have the Thugs go away.

Alternatively, Etiquette: Gang means that you can persuade them to depart, and with a energy of 4 or greater, you may intimidate the Thugs into handing over 200 Nuyen earlier than fleeing. Talking with Mrs. James after the interplay with grant you 1 Karma and a possible 48 Nuyen relying in your decisions. 

Take care of the Halloweeners Gang 

 John Paul Halloweeners

After serving to out the Bullied Service provider, return to the intersection with the Anxious Man and transfer southeast, then northeast. You’ll quickly run into some Halloweener Sentries. Seeing you all buddy-buddy with Jake Armitage, the Halloweeners skip the pleasantries and open hearth instantly. 

The following firefight begins off somewhat tough because the Halloweeners get the drop on you. Fortunately, they aren’t precisely essentially the most dependable marksmen. As quickly as you may act, maneuver your self and Jake Armitage into cowl. Take care of the sentry nearest you and Jake first, after which take out the Halloweener Mage, as they will buff and assist their remaining ally. With the mage down, the gang chief, John Paul, will quickly come out of hiding. 

John Paul is a a lot more durable buyer than his Halloweener thugs, forgoing firearms to hurry you up shut together with his machete. Fortunately, together with his troopers dispatched, you and Jake can focus your hearth on John Paul. He soaks up a variety of hits, however you solely want to scale back his total well being to 1/3, at which level he initiates dialogue. Whether or not you let John Paul stroll away humbled or end the job, the Halloweener risk can be handled and you’ll obtain 1 Karma. 

Go to the Homicide Web site 

Redmond Barrens 8 Shadowrun Trilogy Jake Armitage Leaves John Paul for dead

Earlier than you head on to the Homicide Web site, it’s finest to discover across the space somewhat. On the close by intersection, converse to Dan the Donut Man for some information on the Barrens. Shopping for a jelly donut and soykaf additionally is useful very quickly. 

Transfer northeast from the intersection to talk with Sally. She witnessed the homicide and provides you some small particulars from her perspective. 

Return to the intersection and work together with Bobby, the primary service provider you come throughout within the Shadowrun Trilogy. You should buy Kamikaze and Nitro stims from Bobby for 50 and 40 Nuyen, respectively. 

After talking with the distributors, transfer southeast to the Homicide Web site. As you method, Jake Armitage takes his go away, unwilling to get too near the Lone Star cops. Jake fingers you 1000 Nuyen as he leaves, and tells you to go to the Seamstresses Union after investigating the crime scene. 

Officer Kuprik is posted on the entrance to the crime scene, at present blocking your entry. Mendacity and trying to achieve entry gained’t do you any good. A bribe is the one factor to get wherever with Lone Star. Both hand over 100 Nuyen, or the donut and soykaf bought earlier to achieve entry to the scene. Alternatively, Etiquette: Safety means that you can smooth-talk your manner in. 

Examine the Homicide Web site 

Redmond Barrens 9

There are 4 factors to analyze right here, one in every of which can lead you to choose up Sam Watt’s bar tab receipt from the Seamstress Union. The server’s identify is listed as Coyote.

Selecting up the coat and blanket from the crime scene means that you can hand them to William close by, and get some very promising info out of him. 

With the investigation full, you’ll obtain 3 Karma. Time to move over to the Seamstresses Union, and conclude your time in The Redmond Barrens for now… 

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