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What are the very best medicines to make use of for Epilepsy, Parkinson’s illness & Migraine? What different adjustments must be made?

We spent a while with Dr. Siddharth Kharkar, the best neurologist in Thane, to know the very best remedy for Epilepsy, Parkinson’s illness, and migraines. Here’s what Dr. Siddharth Kharkar instructed us about the very best remedy for neurological circumstances:

1. Greatest remedy for Epilepsy:

A seizure is an assault of uncontrolled electrical energy within the mind. The tendency of getting seizures, repeatedly, known as Epilepsy. So, Epilepsy is an sickness, and the occasion that occurs known as a Seizure.

  1. Correct prognosis of Epilepsy: It is vitally necessary that the form of Epilepsy you’re having must be correctly characterised. For instance, seizures are of two differing types: Focal and Generalized. Relying in your different traits, a prognosis of Epilepsy syndromes akin to Lennox Gastaut or Mesial Temporal Sclerosis (MTS) could also be made. This prognosis is essential for correct remedy.
  2. MRI & EEG usually are not absolute: MRI and EEG are extraordinarily helpful for the prognosis of Epilepsy. Nevertheless, in about 50% of the instances, the MRI could be regular. The scenario with EEG is even worse. In about 70% of the instances, the EEG could be regular, even in case you have Epilepsy. When they’re irregular they assist so much with remedy. Nevertheless, when they’re regular, the very best neurologist in Mumbai, Thane or some other metropolis relies upon so much in your dependable info to deal with you effectively.
  1. Fewer variety of medicines: On the whole, it’s higher to take a better dosage of 1 anti-epileptic treatment, somewhat than take low doses of 2-3 completely different anti-epileptic medicines.
  2. Monitoring for side-effects of Antiepileptic Drugs: Some anti-epileptic medicines could have an effect on the liver or blood cells, and subsequently you have to monitor these carefully.
  3. Surgical procedure when wanted: If 2 or extra antiseizure medicines don’t work, then you have to think about seizure surgical procedure to your downside. Many sorts of seizure surgical procedure can be found. The very best seizure surgical procedure is one wherein the problematic a part of the mind is eliminated. In some instances, Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) surgery may also help scale back seizures.
  4. Remedy of different circumstances: Often, sufferers with epilepsy even have completely different circumstances. Despair is quite common in Epilepsy sufferers. Some sufferers could have consideration deficit dysfunction. The very best neurologist in Thane, Mumbai, or some other metropolis ought to detect these issues and deal with them in time for an optimum final result.
  5. Don’t lose your self-confidence: When you have Epilepsy, it is vitally necessary for you to not lose your self-confidence. Many spectacularly profitable folks had Epilepsy. These well-known folks embody Theodore Roosevelt (President of america) and Alexander the Nice had Epilepsy.

2. Greatest remedy for Parkinson’s Illness:

Parkinson’s illness is a situation in which there’s slowness in all physique actions. There can be uncontrolled shaking (tremor) of the hand and stiffness of physique components.

Parkinson’s illness occurs as a result of the mind doesn’t produce sufficient of a chemical referred to as Dopamine.

  1. Correct prognosis of Parkinson’s illness: Many neurological issues can produce signs just like Parkinson’s illness. For instance, hypothyroidism could produce slowing just like Parkinson’s illness, though this isn’t true slowing (Bradykinesia). If wanted, an f-DOPA scan could assist in making the prognosis of Parkinson’s illness.



  1. Greatest Drugs for Parkinson’s illness: The very best treatment for Parkinson’s illness most often is Levodopa. That is by far the simplest treatment. Nevertheless, it might trigger nausea in some sufferers. If this occurs, then remedy with sure medicines to stop nausea could also be wanted. Drugs referred to as Dopamine agonists could also be the very best medicines for Parkinson’s illness in younger sufferers.
  2. Take Levodopa on an empty abdomen: Taking levodopa on an empty abdomen will increase its absorption. As much as 30% extra levodopa is absorbed, simply by taking it on an empty abdomen.
  3. Keep away from sure medicines: On the whole, medicines akin to trihexyphenidyl could also be averted for remedy. Regardless that they’re very efficient in lowering signs, in addition they have a number of undesirable unintended effects.
  4. Some medicines can worsen Parkinson’s illness: Keep away from these medicines fully! The very best neurologists will keep away from these medicines as a result of they will worsen your Parkinson’s illness.


DOPAMINE BLOCKERS: Drugs that may produce signs like Parkinson’s illness

Many medicines are used for psychiatric issues akin to schizophrenia (these are additionally referred to as “Neuroleptics”)

Haloperidol, Risperdal, Olanzapine, Aripiprazole, Trifluoperazine and plenty of extra. Clozapine and Quetiapine often don’t trigger issues.

Some medicines for temper and melancholy

Fluphenazine, Tranycypormine, and Lithium

Some anti-nausea medicines

Metoclopramide, Levosulpuride, Excessive doses of domperidone about 30-40 mg/day, Flunarazine, not often cinnarizine

Some coronary heart and blood strain medicines

Amiodarone, methyl-dopa

  1. Maintain a correct Parkinson’s diary of your signs: Even the very best neurologist in Thane, Mumbai or some other metropolis can’t allow you to with out having good suggestions from you. Holding a diary of your signs will allow your physician to regulate your medicines. You’ll be able to obtain a Parkinson’s diary by clicking here [Parkinson’s Diary].
    Whereas conserving your diary, bear in mind the next issues: ON = When you have got the nice impact of medicines and may transfer freely. OFF = When the treatment impact is gone, and you aren’t in a position to transfer correctly. DYSKINESIAS = Disco-like actions that happen generally, as a light facet impact of medicines.

3. Greatest remedy for Migraine:

Migraine is a situation wherein sufferers get frequent complications. These complications are often on one facet of the pinnacle. You might really feel like avoiding vivid mild and loud sounds throughout this time. Very often, sufferers get nauseous once they have a migraine headache.

  1. Ensure you have a Migraine: It’s a widespread error to label all complications as “Migraine”. Nevertheless, complications can happen on account of different causes akin to obstructive sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, and many others. A few of these circumstances could be critical akin to a mind tumour or elevated strain inside the pinnacle (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). Therefore, you have to ask the very best neurologist to substantiate your prognosis. You’ll be able to click on right here for the commonest causes (aside from Migraine) that may trigger a headache [Causes of Headache – NHS, UK].
  2. Perceive that Ache is a sign: Migraine is your physique’s approach of telling you that you’re doing one thing fallacious. For instance, in case you run an excessive amount of and have a stress fracture, your foot begins hurting. The ache is necessary so that you just cease operating. A migraine or headache is doing the identical factor. In the event you hold operating with a fracture, your foot will damage. In the identical approach, the very best neurologist in Thane or wherever else on the planet can’t cease your migraine in case you sleep just for 4 hours in a day.
  3. Determine your migraine precipitants: The issues that trigger migraine to occur are referred to as “Migraine Precipitants”. These are distinctive to each individual. It is best to keep a Migraine diary to determine your precipitants. You’ll be able to obtain a migraine diary by clicking right here [Migraine Diary]. Here’s a record of widespread Migraine precipitants:


Most extreme triggers for Migraine:

·           An excessive amount of / Too little sleep (Sleep for 8 hours/day)

·           Starvation (Eat correctly, 4 /day. Don’t skip breakfast)

·       Stress (Don’t shout. Management anxiousness. Attempt Yoga.)

Much less extreme and fewer widespread triggers:

·           Sturdy tastes (too spicy, too bitter. Cheese|Chocolate|Chinese language|Alcohol)

·           Sturdy smells (too harsh e.g. Tar, Rubbish or too candy e.g. Fragrance)

·           Extreme daylight, Extreme mud/air pollution

·           Lengthy, winding roads

Triggers that happen solely in some folks

·           Bathing with highly regarded or very chilly water

·           Tying hair too tightly

·           Menses

·       Fermented meals e.g. pickles

  1. Prophylactic medicines: It is best to take prophylactic treatment in case you are getting greater than 1 assault of migraine per week. Prophylactic medicines are medicines you’re taking on daily basis, to stop an assault. Drugs akin to propranolol, amitriptyline, and many others are used for prophylaxis. The very best neurologist ought to have the ability to select one which treats one other downside additionally. For instance, in case you even have hypertension, beta blockers could be the very best migraine remedy. It’s because they would scale back BP additionally.
  2. Abortive Drugs: Abortive medicines akin to triptans are the very best remedy for migraine assaults. Nevertheless, they will trigger a rise in blood strain, so you shouldn’t take them greater than 2 instances every week.

We hope that this dialogue about the very best remedies for Epilepsy, Parkinson’s illness, and migraines have been helpful to you. Please tell us.

We’d be completely satisfied to have extra discussions with Dr. Siddharth Kharkar, top-of-the-line neurologists in Thane and Mumbai, about these matters and replace you about them. Bear in mind, it’s essential to discover a physician that you’re snug with. Whoever you’re snug with and whoever offers consideration to you and treats you with care is the very best neurologist in Mumbai for you!

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